New high-capacity waveform for greater performance and lower cost of ownership in a small form factor

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Carlsbad, California, USA, May 29, 2014  (PRNewswire) – To provide L-band satellite customers with a fresh alternative to today’s antiquated technologies, ViaSat Inc. is launching a new worldwide network service for the M2M market.

Similar to its innovation in broadband services, ViaSat is focused on creating a more economically favourable system designed to provide higher speeds, greater security, and faster response to small fixed and mobile terminals. The ViaSat L-band Managed Service is enabled by technologies that provide a new combination of features for Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) that is expected to lower the cost of ownership for M2M networking.

The new service introduces an innovative new waveform optimised for M2M that leverages ViaSat’s extensive experience in serving U.S. government customers with highly secure, reliable, and rugged satellite-based global services. Operating over the highest performance L-band satellites, the ViaSat technology uses satellite bandwidth more efficiently to bring a number of performance differentiators to a variety of customers in the energy, utilities, logistics, and enterprise sectors, including:

  • High availability
  • Integrated security
  • Broadcast and multicast
  • Low latency
  • Netted voice


“The agreements we’ve just completed with LightSquared and Thuraya signal the launch of our worldwide MSS services,” said Phil Berry, VP MSS at ViaSat. “In the same way that we transformed satellite broadband, we’re bringing innovation to this market with a focus on constantly improving system economics while enabling an order of magnitude performance improvement over comparable M2M legacy systems. We are developing a range of fixed and mobile devices to deliver the service for a variety of applications.”



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