Telekom Austria Group M2M is ready for large-scale smart meter roll-out in Austria, with ‘Österreich Zähler’


The heart of every smart metering system is the smart meter itself, which is why Telekom Austria Group M2M has developed the best smart metering portfolio for the Austrian market. Pre-orders for the company’s smart metering solution ‘Österreich Zähler’ can now be placed.

‘Österreich Zähler’ uses the A1 full-coverage GPRS network as its underlying communications technology, allowing for the immediate start of the countrywide roll-out. GPRS meters do not require any additional infrastructure, making a nationwide roll-out possible, as well as the selective replacement of existing meters with smart meters. Combined with the Group’s high-security M2M communications services based on Austria’s best network, ‘Österreich Zähler’ offers a flexible, cost-effective and future-proof solution for domestic electricity providers.

All components are based on globally established mobile communications standards. Furthermore, this proven smart metering technology has been adjusted to the specific needs of the Austrian market. Close collaboration between experts from the telecommunications and energy industry guarantees the smooth interplay between hardware, firmware and the communications network, enabling secure and reliable data transmissions, while keeping smart meters’ own energy consumption at a low level.

For Austria’s first smart metering project in Ybbs an der Donau, Telekom Austria Group M2M joined forces with the regional supplier of electric energy E-Werk Wüster and focuses on a combination of GPRS and mesh-radio technology, provided by the Danish smart meter manufacturer Kamstrup. This combination is first choice for an area-wide roll-out. The “Österreich Zähler” is an additional alternative for optimized use as standalone GPRS meter and thus guarantees secure sourcing for the Austrian energy industry. For ‘Österreich Zähler’ the company is relying on Kaifa’s longstanding experience. Kaifa has delivered a total of 22 million smart meters and is therefore the largest smart meter supplier in Europe.

“By collaborating with Kaifa and Kamstrup, two industry suppliers, Telekom Austria Group M2M is not only able to provide a future–proof solution based on a standardised mobile technology but also a secured sourcing for GPRS meters,” said Bernd Liebscher, managing director at Telekom Austria Group M2M.

Telekom Austria Group M2M further expands its partner landscape, while offering electricity providers a multi-vendor smart metering system from a single source in addition to its tried and tested M2M communications services, smart meter data management and roll-out solution portfolio.

  • The smart meters are designed in Austria and optimised for the Austrian market, the Österreich Zähler device meets all the necessary legal and market requirements.
  • The GPRS technology allows for the cost-optimized start of the countrywide smart metering roll-out based on the currently existing infrastructure
  • Two smart meter manufacturers as partners and globally established industry standards offer the best delivery guarantee
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