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Plug-in sensor launched to care for the elderly in their own homes

Plug-in sensor launched to care for the elderly in their own homes

Posted by Anita PodsiadloOctober 29, 2014

AT the Digital Healthcare event – ‘the Rise of the Consumer’, Concirrus – experts in the Internet of Things, are introducing SensBlok, a technology that has the potential to revolutionise domiciliary care.

As we face the challenge of caring for an elderly population who have a desire to remain in their own home, we are confrunted with the grim reality that we cannot afford to offer the level of care that is consistent with the quality we would wish to.

The good news is that technology is starting to bring answers that unlock choices for us. The SensBlok from Concirrus is a revolutionary approach to monitoring the environment in which our nearest and dearest live.

Some of the challenges we face today are:

* Heating (1) – According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change more than 2.33m people in the UK are living in fuel poverty. According to Caroline Abrahams, charity director for Age UK, this is a major factor in the 31,000 “excess winter deaths” in England and Wales. With the health implications of living in cold homes being well established, ranging from cardiovascular and respiratory disease to depression, it comes at an estimated cost to the NHS of £1.36bn a year. But how do we know who is struggling with such proud people in the UK unwilling to admit that they might need help, how do we know who is struggling?

* Safety (2) – Carbon Monoxide. As winter approaches the prevalence of heaters failing or worse still working but creating a poisonous environment. Carbon monoxide (CO) is sometimes referred to as the ‘silent killer’. Every year in the UK, over 200 people go to hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning, which leads to around 40 deaths. However with the technology, If we could just get there ‘before’ a potential issue becomes a major problem the number of deaths would be reduced.

* Security (3) – intruder alert. Simply by monitoring absent ‘noise’ we quickly understand how people live. When things go ‘bump’ in the middle of the night we’d love to know and reach out to those who are most vulnerable.

The SensBlok from Concirrus a revolutionary ‘internet of things’ device has the potential to solve all these challenges.

Simply plug this into the wall and the device will monitor your environment, stream this data live to authorised internet users and provide immediate alerting and action for those that need it most.

Concirrus are actively seeking partners to embed this technology into their service offering. They are experts in the Internet of Things (IoT) and making it work for business.

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