Solair and Alleantia together on the market to provide plug & play IoT to the industrial and enterprise world


With its software technology Alleantia transforms any electronic device into a smarter Internet-ready device in just a few seconds without having to carry out any work on the device itself; the Cloud-Gate platform provides a single point of integration, management and distribution of data for all ‘physical’ devices in the company from and to any application.

Solair, with its IoT Application Platform that makes it possible to create applications as a Service without the need to write code – by supplying ‘intelligence’ to both structured and unstructured data – will integrate with the Alleantia Cloud-Gate to make it possible to develop IoT applications with maximum flexibility and speed.

Alleantia-logoSolair and Alleantia have joined forces to be able to provide IoT solutions that can be implemented quickly and effectively for the enterprise segment and especially the manufacturing industry.

“Just like Solair, Alleantia is an Italian company that recognises the enormous potential of the IoT market” explains Tom Davis, CEO of Solair. “Alleantia transforms any electronic device into a smarter connected device in just a few seconds. In the same way, our technology makes it possible to develop custom-made IoT applications using the data collected from these devices in a quick, easy and uncomplicated way. Together we will provide complete solutions for the IoT that will allow the customers to innovate their business and processes and create value added services on their products and machinery.”


“We are very happy to launch this partnership with Solair that focuses mainly on manufacturing companies that form the backbone of Europe and Italy” says Antonio Conati Barbaro, co-founder and CEO of Alleantia. “Our common goal is to bring the benefits of the Internet of Things to companies quickly and effectively, with minimal invasiveness and without replacing working, reliable devices. Alleantia’s software technology and new smart gateways allow for this and make it possible for application platforms like Solair’s to ‘speak’ with any device and system quickly and easily and therefore to develop even more effective, high value-added application solutions.”

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