Fitbug announces voice and connected home functionality for Kiqplan


Fitbug has launched Kiqplan, said to be a new concept in wearable technology. It is a library of 12 week interactive coaching systems designed to work with most leading trackers, smartphones or smartwatches. Its food tracking/logging capabilities will be enhanced with “speak & eat” technology as well as fridge and cookie jar notification alerts that help users more regularly and easily track their daily food intake.

Food logging has always been the hardest part of most lifestyle tracking systems since it relies on human inputs rather than integrated technology. Kiqplan is making this process even more interactive and immediate by allowing people to speak to it, telling Kiqplan what they had to eat before the system searches its 400,000 food items to log the right item. In addition, Kiqplan will leverage connected home devices to integrate kitchen alerts from appliances and items such as fridges, cupboards and jar alerts systems. Notifications can now be sent to Kiqplan users when a fridge or cookie jar is opened, prompting them to fess up and enter their data or even quiz them on whether they really need that extra calorie intake.

Hailed as the “Jane Fonda” fitness video for the connected age, there are four currently available priced at $19.99. These include  a “man-plan” weight loose program for guys called Beer Belly BlasterTM  a fitness plan for women design to help shed up to 2-3lbs a week called Slim + TrimTM as well as pre natal regimen called Healthy Baby BumpTM and a post-natal plan called Goodbye Baby Belly TM.

“Kiqplan is designed to take the “So What” out of activity tracking by helping people make sense of activity data to achieve specific wellness and fitness goals and maximise the value of their devices. We are taking the next step in activity tracking by providing the ADVICE to help people make meaningful use of data from the DEVICE as this is how we believe the sector will evolve,” said Paul Landau CEO of Fitbug. “The better the data provided Kiqplan, the more effective a coach it becomes. By making the human element as painless as possible we can improve results.  Now people can simply say they had a large cappuccino and  strawberry yoghurt for breakfast and Kiqplan will log it. No more omitting that chocolate bar we had on the run or forgetting to add that time-pressed lunch, we are making daily food intake tacking easy as pie!”

In addition, in a deal announced at the Samsung Developer conference, a dedicated version of Kiqplan will come preloaded on Samsung devices in UK and Ireland and available through the S Health platform.

Twelve experts contributed to this rich experience, more than 350 individual exercises were filmed and a database of over 400,000 food items have been logged. They integrate with most leading activity trackers (including Fitbug, and third party trackers such as Jawbone, Nike Fuel, Misfit and Withings), as well as smartphones and watches. Progress is also monitored through lifestyle reports inputted by the user and data from other apps such as MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper.

While the suggested exercise routines, activity and nutrition targets, motivational tips and content all vary for each specific programme, each Kiqplan features:

  • Personal activity, nutrition and sleep targets, set weekly based on the chosen plan and adapted to their own rate of progress.
  • Weekly personalised work outs featuring “how-to” video instruction to ensure exercises are completed with accurate form to maximise results.
  • Dynamic activity and nutrition tracking with users able to import data from other apps or devices or log their own behaviour.
  • Lifestyle tracking (e.g. sleep quality, weight, alcohol consumption, cigarettes smoked, etc).
  • Weekly articles and recipes focused on the required outcome.
  • Rewards and badges for added encouragement.
  • Daily plan based tips.
  • Feedback and reminders via in-app messaging and push notifications.
  • Webinars on a range of outcome related topics, with Q&As with experts.
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