CSR puts whole home voice and manual control into an Android smartwatch


CSR plc has integrated Android Wear into its CSRmesh™ Bluetooth® Smart solution to enable whole home control and monitoring directly from a smart watch or other wearable, including with voice commands. The integration, demonstrated in Las Vegas using a LG G watch to control home heating and lighting, is designed to demonstrate future opportunities for the Internet of Things (loT).

The CSRmesh protocol allows for an almost unlimited number of Bluetooth Smart enabled devices to be simply networked together and controlled directly from a single smartphone, tablet, PC or wearable. By integrating Android Wear, consumers who own an Android wearable will now be able to control CSRmesh enabled devices, such as smart bulbs or thermostats, using voice commands. Consumers can also programme devices so they trigger specific actions when their wearable is in range, for example, turning the lights on to a particular brightness when they enter a room or turning on specific appliances.

“For the smart home to become a reality it needs to seamlessly work with the devices consumers already own,” says Rick Walker, senior marketing manager, IoT, at CSR. “CSRmesh enables secure whole home control from a smartphone, tablet or PC. But with the increasing popularity of wearables we wanted to make sure our customers could offer consumers integration with their smartwatches and other wearable devices. This demonstration shows that with mesh capabilities a Bluetooth Smart enabled Internet of Things is becoming a reality.”

The demonstration will be part of CSR’s connected CSRmesh enabled home in Las Vegas, January 6-9th, which includes home automation, audio, a connected car and location and asset tracking. “Our technologists are inventing a seamlessly connected future by combining silicon, software and services into end-to-end solutions that unlock the true potential of the Internet of Things,” concludes Anthony Murray, senior vice president, business group at CSR. “CSRmesh has been popular particularly for lighting applications, and the integration with Android Wear is the first in a range of new additions to the protocol to simply connect hundreds of devices in the home and to support additional use cases that we expect to introduce in 2015.

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