Advances in test equipment capabilities to centre around LTE and M2M communications

Wireless communication serves as a focal point for business development, and wireless test equipment end users such as network operators as well as service providers foresee significant opportunities in machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and long-term evolution (LTE) network infrastructure technologies.

rohanDevelopments in wireless communication test equipment will therefore revolve around LTE, M2M communications, and the need for solutions that can be easily deployed across the live network infrastructure.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Analysis of End Users’ Perspective on the Global Wireless Communication Test Equipment Market, finds that while North America continues to offer significant opportunities for wireless communication testing and monitoring vendors, Asia-Pacific is fast-evolving into a hotbed for growth. The study is based on a survey of wireless test equipment customers, including network operators, network equipment manufacturers, contractors, and telecom and wireless consulting firms.

“While M2M and the Internet of Things are here to stay, the challenges associated with incorporating them are quite unique and therefore require inventive solutions for testing at every stage of the life cycle,” said Frost & Sullivan Measurement and Instrumentation Research Analyst Rohan Joy Thomas. “Respondents rated interoperability as the most significant challenge, and one that will be compounded by the proliferation of M2M communications and heterogeneous networks.”

Innovative solutions are also necessary to tackle issues stemming from the implementation of small cells, distributed antenna systems, big data analytics, self-optimising networks (SONs), cloud computing and virtualisation. With end users trying to bridge the gap between network monitoring capabilities and research and development (R&D), solutions that effectively bring field test capabilities closer to the lab environment will gain traction.

“Despite imminent difficulties, respondents noted that they expect a substantial rise in the deployment of SONs, big data analytics, virtualisation, software-defined networks and cloud computing by 2021,” added Thomas. “Cloud computing, in particular, will surge ahead as end users look to further optimise IT operations in the global market.”

These end-user insights regarding suitable equipment and product features for their testing needs can be leveraged by testing and monitoring equipment vendors to customise equipment to end-user requirements and proactively meet demand.

Analysis of End Users’ Perspective on the Global Wireless Communication Test Equipment Market is a Customer Research that is part of the Test & Measurement  Growth Partnership Service programme. This web-based survey of end users of wireless testing equipment identifies important network deployments as well as other technological trends that play a significant role in the business activities of end users globally.

Rohan Joy Thomas is a research analyst with the Test & Measurement group at Frost & Sullivan. Since he joined the company in 2013, Rohan has done extensive research network monitoring systems market, VoLTE testing and monitoring systems market, and the Application Performance Monitoring.

Prior to joining Frost & Sullivan, Rohan worked with Cognizant Technological Solutions as an engineer trainee and interned with the Gas Turbine Research Establishment, which is a laboratory of the Defense Research and Development Organisation, an agency of the Government of India.

Having worked in different industry verticals, Rohan has garnered an extensive array of expertise, including those in the fields of information technology, automotive engineering, aeronautical, as well as Oil and Gas.

Rohan has also published numerous articles on the markets he did research on, which were published in trade journals such as Microwave Product Design, Tech Target, and Electronic Design.

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