Cisco to sponsor IoT Hackathon challenge in Berlin

Cisco has joined the Internet of Things World Hackathon by becoming a challenge sponsor

Bringing along their Enterprise IoT Developer Kits and showcasing their Tropo technology for hack contenders to use; their challenge entitled “Best use of Cisco technology in an IoT solution” will enable IoT professionals and hack enthusiasts to compete for a industry exposure.

Additionally Cisco will be supplying 3 mentors to assist hack teams in developing their products & services and will judge products in a grand finale on 7 October with winners to be announced on stage.

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The Internet of Things World Hackathon is taking place in association with Internet of Things World Europe on 6 – 7 October.


Meet the mentors

Kareem Iskander, Event Support Engineer

Kareem is a support engineer based out of San Jose, California. He has skills with networking, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, virtualization, server-side operations, Cisco Data in Motion, Python, JavaScript, general scripting, Node JS, and UI/Dashboard wireframe/design. He is passionate about soccer, travel, and family, but not in that order.



Mike Maas, Technical Evangelist

Mike is a technical evangelist based out of Seattle, Washington. His focus is on the Internet of Everything. Mike is skilled in Mobile/Desktop/Cloud/Game software development, most hacker/maker platforms, Android, Python, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, C# and other things like games and gaming, AMV/R. When not nerding out over new tech, Mike is out riding his motorcycle.



Mike Mackay, Event Support Manager

Mike is a support manager based out of San Jose, California. He has years of networking and digital puttering experience. He also raises chickens.




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