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Zadi Group chooses Solair’s platform to integrate PLM and IoT features

Zadi Group chooses Solair’s platform to integrate PLM and IoT features

Posted by Zenobia HegdeOctober 6, 2015

Zadi Group, a leading provider and manufacturer of electromechanical components for the automotive, agricultural and industrial sectors, as part of its new software initiative to better support its business, has chosen Solair’s Platform.

Engineering data management, budgeting, sharing documents and information throughout the chain of designing and manufacturing, will take place within a single platform for all corporate functions and also for external stakeholders. It integrates traditional product lifecycle management (PLM) functionalities and innovative Internet of Things (IoT) features within the same environment.

This choice is fully consistent with the DNA of Zadi who has made innovative technologies one of their main differentiators, and today is preparing itself to face tomorrow’s Internet of Things challenges.

The three key advantages from the choice of Solair are:

  • Integration: all the companies in the Group and their users, even if with different access rights, leverage a single platform: this facilitates interdisciplinary management of data and information.
  • Simplification: individual tools that do not communicate across divisions are abandoned, so they get rid of the inefficiencies associated with the use of different systems, and streamline communications within and outside the company, thanks to the access to the platform from mobile devices.
  • Vision: Time to Market for new generation products are easily reduced; the same platform supports IoT functionalities for the design and management of intelligent LED lighting systems and locks.

Moving away from the old legacy client server systems, to a solution in the cloud, Zadi Group starts a new path to the future based strongly on innovation.

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