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Swedish IoT alliance SMSE grows with addition of 3, Aptilo, Incell and Wittra

Swedish IoT alliance SMSE grows with addition of 3, Aptilo, Incell and Wittra

Posted by Zenobia HegdeNovember 2, 2015

The Swedish alliance for IoT entrepreneurs continue expanding with Incell, Wittra and Aptilo joining as members and 3 as partner. The latest expansion brings SMSE to 44 members and 15 partners, thus the second biggest IoT industry group in Europe after M2M Alliance and a clear indication of Sweden as a great place to look for IoT experience and solutions.

“With a continuously increasing amount of partners and customers abroad our members contribute significantly to the creation of an innovative international IoT industry. This is also reflected by increasing interest, visits and partnerships from key international IoT players and media”, continues Mr Melander”, says Magnus Melander, founder of SMSE.

Messages promoted by SMSE is that Data is the gold of IoT, Service Enablement is key to a prospering Internet of Things industry and Specialisation is needed in the increasingly international and competitive IoT market.

Members of SMSE:

Kombridge, Springworks, Maingate, WSI, Episcope, Info24, Tritech, Infracontrol, Fridat, Vinnter, CSL Connect, Connode, Evothings, CNet, B3IT, FYM, Imagimob, H&D Wireless, Crossbreed, Combain, Shortcut Labs, Yanzi Networks, Roxen, April System Design, Possio, Watty, Clayster, KTC, Mowic, Exibea, Slagkryssaren, MicroTracking, Scypho, TalkPool, Trax (WTS), ShopJoy, Aifloo, IBaround, Realtime Embedded, Starbright, Incell, Aptilo, Wittra and Wbird.

Partners of SMSE:

Tele2, Telenor Connexion, TeliaSonera, Ericsson, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Teracom, Intel, M2M Alliance, Telefonica, Interoute, 3, Business Sweden and Swedish Mobile Association (SMA).

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