5by5 Wireless HaLow 900 MHz partnership program for developing IoT launched by InventionShare

Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare™, announced that 5by5 Wireless™ has created a Wi-Fi HaLow partnership program to support future IoT product developments through large area wireless coverage for a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Speaking from InventionShare’s Ottawa office, Mr. Waite said that the Wi-Fi industry has ambitions to make Wi-Fi the dominant wireless technology for the Internet of Things. The Wi-Fi Alliance recently announced a new wireless standard that extends Wi-Fi’s reach down into the 900 MHz band which will keep the 802.11 family at the center of the developing IoT. It calls this HaLow.

Mr. Waite said that 5by5 Wireless and its large area hot spots make perfect sense for supporting HaLow applications. He supports the theory that Wi-Fi is, for a number of reasons, still the most attractive option for the emerging IoT market. It is more IP-friendly than any of the alternative wireless technologies, it supports higher rates, and the chip industry backs it with high volumes and low prices. If new versions of Wi-Fi for IoT maintain commonality with current MAC and PHY designs and familiar interfaces it will allow easy integration into devices – and that should be attractive to all IoT developers.

Greg Waite, CEO, InventionShare
Greg Waite, CEO, InventionShare

A 5by5 Wireless installation provides significant value to HaLow and IoT partners; it provides five times’ greater wireless internet coverage and economical wireless internet connectivity, and it uses the UHF 300-1000 MHz frequency spectrum. Developed by a team of experienced technology entrepreneurs with many years’ experience in wireless communications, the full duplex wireless communications system is a 100% hardware solution. It affords greater data throughput and wireless coverage up to 25 miles (32 km) – for a total circular coverage area of 1,250 square miles or 3,200 square kilometers from one low cost base station. The 5by5 Wireless circuit also can provide full duplex over all spectrum to all wireless communications devices; it is platform agnostic, providing reliable communications support wherever and whenever it is required.

InventionShare also represents the Circuit Seed analog in digital invention family which will allow chip manufacturers to reduce the size, increase the power and reduce heat in applications for small circuits that can be embedded within IoT devices. Circuit Seed will also extend RF communications and quality, within a smaller size and with lower power requirements.

Mr. Waite said that 5by5 Wireless is a perfect complement to those manufacturers looking to support the use of their devices throughout the home and through smart city/rural applications. A 5by5 Wireless installation can also guarantee wireless support for those devices through the creation of large area hot-spots where all devices and circuits can communicate over large distances.

Mr. Waite said, “There’s a huge market opportunity waiting for a company that is interested in owning a complete solution, 3200 km wireless Wi Fi supporting tens of thousands of devices using the HaLow standard. We are basically saying hello to HaLow, and that we have a solution that will support the Wi-Fi Association’s new future IoT standard.”

Mr. Waite stated that he is looking for product companies and manufacturing partners to consider partnering with 5by5 Wireless to provide large area hot spot connectivity for the IoT from base station to HaLow and IoT devices in the smart rural, smart city, smart home and precision agriculture applications marketplace.

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