IPETRONIK offers new four-channel analogue measuring module with sensor supply and sampling rates up to 100kHz

Harry Stoerzer, head of application and support, IPETRONIK

IPETRONIK has extends its measuring module family of the Mx- and Sx-series with the Mx-SENS2 4, a X-LINK module for voltage measurements of up to ±100 V and ICP measurements.

The four-channel analogue measuring module with sensor supply combines high sampling rates of up to 100 kHz per channel with time-synchronic data acquisition and ICP-mode for piesoelectric sensors, such as acceleration / vibration and acoustic sensors. Optionally, TEDS sensor detection is supported.

“The Mx-SENS2 4 is a compact module for mobile measurement applications in the automotive sector with high demands on reliability, flexibility and fast signal sampling rates”, explained Harry Stoerzer, head of application and support at IPETRONIK. “It is the ideal solution for the high-precision data acquisition in combustion or electrical engines. For example for noise/vibration analysis to detect background noise and the transmission paths in the vehicle as well as special analysis on the engine, like the injection cycle of the nossle or the pressure gradient in a cylinder.”

The four analogue inputs coveMx-Sens2-4.jpg_mediumr ten measuring ranges with voltage of ±0,01 V up to ±100 V. The inputs are voltage proof up to ±500 V. Each input has its own adjustable sensor supply of up to ±15 V with up to ±60 mA. The integrated hardware filter is a switchable butterworth filter of 8th order with 12 kHz cutoff frequency. The module supports channel sampling rates from 10 kHz up to 100 kHz. The data output stream runs with maximum 100 Mbit/s on Fast Ethernet via XCPonEthernet or via CAN-2.0B bus with up to 1 Mbit/s.

The data format has a resolution of 16 Bit (Word format) or 32 Bit (DWord float). All measuring inputs, CAN bus, power supply and housing, are completely galvanically isolated from each other. Status LEDs on each data acquisition input inform about the correct channel allocation and display an overcurrent during the data acquisition process.

The Mx-SENS2 4 has an anodised aluminum housing of 106 mm x 60 mm x 62 mm (W x H x D) pursuant to protection type IP67. The module operates in the temperature range from -40°C up to +105°C with a relative humidity of 5 to 95 % in the wide voltage supply range of 9 to 36 VDC. If the voltage drops beneath 6 V, the module turns off. The power consumption is typically 4.2 Watt.

The Mx-SENS2 4 can be used as an independent module as well as in connection with other modules of the Mx- and Sx-series. The configuration is made via a X-LINK Ethernet interface. All settings can comfortably be done with the Windows software IPEmotion. The module has a special attachment mechanism for the tool-less combination of modules.

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