Future Electronics’ announces the dates for series of ‘Secure Wireless Sensor Node’ seminars

Future Electronics, founded in 1968 by company president Robert Miller and now a distributor and marketer of electronics components, has announced the dates of a series of ‘Secure Wireless Sensor Node’ seminars across Europe in May and June in conjunction with World IoT day.

With the explosion in IoT edge nodes, from feeding information about the health of a patient to the health of a pot plant; the data collected and analysed can reveal valuable insights that allow for more pro-active and streamlined decisions and activities. All of which ultimately benefits both the individuals and business alike.

However, what is often overlooked is the increasing value the manipulation of this data may have to enhancing criminal activity. Ensuring a design that is robust and secure from external threats and vulnerabilities is vital to the integrity of a solution as a whole.

Robert Miller, president, Future Electronics
Robert Miller, president, Future Electronics

The ‘Secure Wireless Sensor Node’ seminars are tailored to benefit anyone working on IoT designs and offer unique insight from some of the Industry’s experts. The course encompasses solutions and technology trends from security, to wireless connectivity, to sensors and node power.

Every engineer attending a seminar will receive an AT88CK590 evaluation kit from Atmel, and the first 10 approved customers that register and attend in each location will win an OM5569/NT321D board from NXP.

As well as providing hands-on tuition with industry experts, engineers will learn about:

• Protecting edge nodes against post deployment hacking & exploitation
• Commission edge nodes securely and easily
• Navigating short range wireless technology choices
• Increasing RF range whilst minimising power consumption
• Antenna design for ultra-compact form-factors
• Choosing the best sensor for your node
• Tips on maximising the battery life of an edge node

The dates and venues for ‘Secure Wireless Sensor Node’ seminars series are:

  1. Istanbul, Turkey-3rd May 2016
  2. Budapest, Hungary-5th May 2016
  3. Stockholm, Sweden-10th May 2016
  4. Halifax, UK-10th May 2016
  5. Stuttgart, Germany-10th May 2016
  6. Gothenburg, Sweden-11th May 2016
  7. Paris, France-12th May 2016
  8. London, UK-12th May 2016
  9. Frankfurt, Germany-12th May 2016
  10. Helsinki, Finland-17th May 2016
  11. Copenhagen, Denmark-18th May 2016
  12. Breda, Netherlands-24th May 2016
  13. Barcelona, Spain-26th May 2016
  14. San Sebastian, Spain-27th May 2016
  15. Rennes, France-1st June 2016
  16. Dortmund, Germany-7th June 2016download
  17. Prague, Czech Republic-7th June 2016
  18. Erfurt, Germany-8th June 2016
  19. Zurich, Switzerland-9th June 2016
  20. Vienna, Austria-14th June 2016
  21. Hannover, Germany-16th June 2016
  22. Munich, Germany-21st June 2016
  23. Milan, Italy-22nd June 2016
  24. Padova, Italy-23rd June 2016

To register to attend a seminar, design engineers should go to http://uk.futureelectronics.com/en/promotions/EventsandSeminars/Pages/SecureWirelessSensorNodeSeminar.aspx, or contact their local branch of Future Electronics.

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