Fleet management – A pioneering IoT vertical

The first thing to note about Industrial IoT is that it encompasses all of IoT and more.

Fleet management (FM) represents an early application area of M2M/IoT technology writes Rickard Andersson, senior analyst at Berg Insight. The fleet management market for commercial vehicles has developed significantly over the past decades, impacted by general trends such as the transition to SaaS-based business models and the increasing integration of mobile devices as part of the infrastructure which goes hand in hand with a general commoditisation of hardware.

Recent developments have even seen a diversification among providers of fleet management solutions for commercial vehicles to also support other types of assets. In line with a development sometimes dubbed as the Internet of Transportation Things, several solution providers now offer systems that can be deployed across off-highway vehicles, non-powered assets and other non-vehicle fleets, in addition to the conventional commercial vehicle types traditionally targeted by FM providers.

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