DEPsys implements ThingWorx to support real-time smart grid management solution

PTC announced that DEPsys Smart Grid Solutions, a provider of software and hardware technology designed to control and manage power grids, has implemented PTC ThingWorx technology in order to flexibly serve a diverse market.

ThingWorx is a powerful IoT technology stack comprised of a rapid-application development platform, connectivity, analytics capabilities, augmented reality and more.

Logo_20150715The energy market is undergoing a major transformation. In addition to growing demand, the world is moving away from the use of centrally generated nuclear and fossil fuel electricity and towards the use of distributed renewable energy resources, including solar, hydro, and wind. In many instances, the end customer has become both the producer and consumer of electricity.

However, existing infrastructures were not designed for a bi-directional flow of energy. The growing multitude of injection points into the power network is causing major stability challenges, which must be addressed and controlled.

With its GridEye solution, DEPsys is able to offer utility companies access to information that allows them to control and manage the grid. This modular solution comprises smart sensors and actuators (GridEye modules) that are distributed throughout the power grid. These modules ensure grid stability while optimising energy efficiency that meets local requirements.

DepsysGridEye enables the reliable integration of intermittent renewable generation sources allowing power providers to increase renewable resource contribution with the assurance that system controls will maintain grid stability. The ThingWorx® platform will allow more flexibility, adaptability and better management of the innovative GridEye solution.

“Each utility network is composed of different equipment and operates under its own local government standards,” said Michael De Vivo, CEO at DEPsys. “With ThingWorx we can now quickly and easily customise our GridEye solution to meet the needs of each company. We have the flexibility to support them all.”

“DEPsys is leading the way in the rapidly changing energy industry,” said Paul Grenet, divisional vice president, PTC EMEA. “Thanks to the ThingWorx platform, DEPSys is able to simplify and speed up its IoT application development time and deliver solutions that coordinate analysis and action among diverse grid devices. With the DEPSys GridEye solution, utility companies can measure, monitor and solve problems on the grid in real time. We are very pleased to be working with this innovative company.”

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