IoT Now Guide to Business Transformation

Over the last couple of years, as M2M has slowly morphed into the all-encompassing IoT vision, the term ‘transformation’ has started to become used more and more in all the marketing material, exhibition signage and conference papers that our industry seems to generate by the ton. When it comes to filtering out reality from the hype, things get more problematic. It’ s certainly true that huge short and long term benefits will accrue to those companies that get things right. Unfortunately, it’ s also true that recent history is littered with many examples of companies who got things wrong, sometimes with devastating effects for their shareholders and employees.

Although IoT Now regularly covers the challenges of IoT-related change, we thought that it would also be good to take a more focused look at the IoT and corporate transformation.

Firstly, we spoke with Nayaki Nayyar of SAP, a company that’s been around for over 45 years, has 300,000 customers in more than 190 countries, and has an equally long history of applying innovation to help organisations of all shapes and sizes transform the ways that they do business.

Secondly, we also approached a number of key players in the IoT sector, both large and small, to get a range of diverse insights into what is a truly multi-faceted issue that involves deeply human factors of perception and motivation as well as the harder, more tangible ones of technology.

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