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Uncovering the Hidden Value of IoT with Device Management

Uncovering the Hidden Value of IoT with Device Management

Posted by Izabela PronkoJuly 14, 2016

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The business case for IoT is the ability to unlock the value of data being generated by hundreds or thousands of field devices. Devices must continually perform as promised for this to be possible. Device Management is the key. As device manufacturers and IoT system developers evaluate IoT Platforms, a well-defined device management strategy will prepare them for success. 

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How Device Lifecycle Management addresses common IoT challenges, including non-standard devices, supporting multiple operating systems, ongoing maintenance of multiple software versions, the ability to keep devices up to date, etc
  • What pitfalls are associated with overlooking device management, potentially disrupting the business process it is intended to support
  • How the performance of the system as a whole hinges on the health of field devices to avert system disruption and downtime



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