CSPs must tailor solutions to maximise and monetise IoT value, says survey

A survey by Starhome Mach, a global provider of mobile inter-carrier and M2M/IoT services, shows that CSPs need more info to monetise the Internet of Things (IoT).

The recent survey of 900 global operators, enterprises and analysts in their roles of service providers, users and experts in IoT connectivity showed:

  • 60% of respondents believe that today’s cellular networks are not fully prepared to support IoT
  • 95% ranked visibility of IoT devices in the network as important in order to monetise information and maximise profits
  • 90% considered device fraud to be a significant concern
  • Permanent roaming and malfunctioning devices were a concern for 88% of those surveyed
  • Adequate data analytics (90%) and quality of service (89%) were cited as the top cellular network challenges

“Even with the transition to LTE, many CSPs do not believe that the current cellular infrastructure can support all the demands of IoT,” said Keren Shemesh, marketing director at Starhome Mach. “They need solutions that can allow existing networks to better serve their enterprise customers.”

Keren Shemesh, marketing director at Starhome Mach
Keren Shemesh, marketing director at Starhome Mach

The survey singled out network identification as being particularly critical. It is impossible to protect networks and manage loads without a complete picture of network traffic and what to expect. Results also showed that increasing revenues and quality of service were tied as very significant cellular IoT network factors.

“CSPs require the ability to identify devices and their behaviour, assure quality of service, and detect and act upon malfunctions and storms. These capabilities are crucial for operators to maximise revenues and provide value-added services to their enterprise customers,” continued Shemesh. “Starhome Mach has leveraged its decades of experience with device identification to create technologies that directly address these pain points, including providing service continuity for devices, and detecting and preventing fraud.”

Starhome Mach’s HD-IoT™ platform identifies device types and individualises IoT services to minimise costs, improve revenues and quality of service (QoS), and optimise network resources. Starhome Mach’s Smart HD™ service provides a complete view of devices in the network so that appropriate strategies can be adopted. Fraud is handled by the Starhome Mach HD Shield™ service, which protects CSP networks from fraud, device malfunction and storms.

The company’s Smart HD and HD Virtualise™ services provide the necessary analytics to ensure QoS and general service continuity. Meanwhile, the complete HD IoT platform connects all IoT stakeholders across the organisation (marketing, IT, network management, etc.), to provide a complete picture within a single management solution.

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