Starfish platform to support EU-led ‘GrowSmarter’ programme in Stockholm for efficiency, sustainability and economy

Silver Spring Networks, Inc. has announced the initial applications leveraging the latest deployment of StarfishTM in Stockholm, Sweden. Starfish is Silver Spring’s international Internet of Things (IoT) public cloud network and data service that arms commercial enterprises, cities, utilities, and developers with two-way command-and-control, near-real time telemetry and industrial-grade security to every device.

As part of the EU-funded ‘GrowSmarter’ program, Silver Spring also announced today that it has been selected to initially deploy its standards-based IPv6 platform and solutions to upgrade aging lighting infrastructure with intelligent street light controls in the capital of Sweden, and to demonstrate the benefits of open standards in this area.

Gustaf Landahl, head of Departments, City of Stockholm

GrowSmarter aims to deliver smart innovation energy, infrastructure and mobility solutions in three Lighthouse Cities – Stockholm, Sweden, Barcelona, Spain and Cologne, France – to achieve goals such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60% and creating an estimated 1,500 jobs.

“Cities and the industry need to collaborate more closely together on innovation to break the status quo of silos and drive more horizontal-focused models,” said Gustaf Landahl, head of Departments, City of Stockholm.

“Through GrowSmarter’s program and solutions such as those delivered by Silver Spring Networks, Stockholm is closer to meeting its larger sustainability and energy efficiency goals.”

Eric Dresselhuys, EVP of Global Development, Silver Spring Networks
Eric Dresselhuys, EVP of Global Development, Silver Spring Networks

“We see great synergy between GrowSmarter’s program goals and Silver Spring’s own vision of a horizontal platform helping to stimulate sustainable innovation within the constraints of city bureaucracy and governance,” said Eric Dresselhuys, EVP of Global Development, Silver Spring Networks.

“By demonstrating the efficacy of open standards in enabling interoperability within intelligent lighting systems, we are thrilled to offer Starfish in Stockholm, and to help contribute to the city’s larger economic development and sustainability goals.”

Stockholm will join other cities around the world where Starfish will first be available including Bristol, Copenhagen, Glasgow, London and in Crossmolina, Ireland in Europe; in Chicago, Providence, San Antonio and San Jose in the U.S.; and in Kolkata, India.

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