Advantech partners with Intel, Microsoft, ARM and IBM to process IoT solutions from device to cloud

Advantech, has announced at its Embedded IoT Partner Summit that it is collaborating with Intel®, Microsoft, ARM, and IBM to create Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that cover the span from device to cloud services.

Advantech offers system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, embedded systems, automation products, and global logistics support. During the Summit, which runs October 27 through 29, Advantech is showcasing the latest Embedded IoT solutions as well as demonstrating the industry 4.0 concept in its new IoT Campus manufacturing centre.

“Since 2012, in response to the growing demand surrounding smart cities and the IoT, Advantech has restructured to become a sector-led organisation,” said KC Liu, Advantech CEO. “We have positioned the Advantech Embedded-IoT Group as a Sharing Platform Business Model to develop the four sharing platforms, which include WISE-PaaS/WISE-Point, the embedded OS, third party peripherals, and modules and design-in eco partners.

KC Liu, CEO at Advantech

“The Advantech Embedded-IoT Group will continue to focus on the development of Edge Intelligence Servers (EIS) and release a neutral e-commerce platform, the IoTMart, to expand its platform-sharing values and execute the go-to-market sector. We are expecting the Embedded-IoT Group to become the global leader via the application of the Sharing Platform Business Model,” said Liu.

Miller Chang, vice president of Advantech Embedded-IoT Group added, “Embedded-IoT will focus on four strategies to drive IoT business growth, including IoT-Enabled ARM-Based Platforms, Wireless Technologies, WISE-PaaS Services & Marketplace, and Edge Intelligence Servers (EIS), to serve domain-focused cloud service providers and system designers.

Miller Chang, vice president of Advantech Embedded-IoT Group
Miller Chang, vice president of Advantech Embedded-IoT Group

Together with its strategic partners, Intel®, Microsoft, ARM, and IBM, it will process IoT solutions from device to cloud. We strongly believe that this cooperation not only completes Advantech’s IoT offering, but also offers a leading advantage to Advantech’s customers in multiple industrial vertical markets.”

Jonathan Ballon, general manager and vice president of the Internet of Things division at Intel® said, “As IoT moves from hype to reality, the diversity of applications is driving the need for a new series of intelligent and connected IoT solutions.

Jonathan Ballon, general manager and vice president of the Internet of Things division at Intel

Through our collaboration, Advantech and Intel® are able to deliver critical IoT building blocks based off the Intel® Xeon® Processor and Intel® Atom™ Processor Series to enable Advantech’s computer on module, server-grade Mini-ITX and Edge intelligence server products respectively needed to serve the IoT market.”

“Microsoft is pleased to collaborate with Advantech to help customers maximide their IoT investments,” said Rodney Clark, general manager, IoT Device Experience, Microsoft Corp. “Advantech is uniquely suited to develop innovative, end-to-end device offerings that are Azure Certified for IoT.”

“We chose Advantech as an ARM® mbed™ IoT Device Platform provider as our combined technologies will speed up the deployment of IoT solutions for business,” said Krisztian Flautner, vice president of strategy, IoT Business, ARM.

Krisztian Flautner, vice president of strategy, IoT Business, ARM

“Integrating mbed Cloud with Advantech WISE-PaaS and using mbed OS as a base for the Advantech M2.COM platform creates a seamless bridge between cloud and device. Advantech is a valued partner in an ecosystem that shipped 15 billion ARM-based chips in 2015, with many heading into smart embedded applications. Our collaboration increases the value of that pervasiveness across the rapidly expanding IoT space.”

“Advantech’s great experience in the industrial sector and embedded devices make them a great partner to work with” said Peter Murchison, vice president, IBM Watson IoT (GCG), “When we combine Advantech’s WISE-PaaS platform to connect with a huge variety of industrial equipment to IBM’s Watson IoT Platform, we can deliver great value to our clients from our advanced IoT applications, including predictive maintenance and quality, asset management and other advanced analytics.”

Peter Murchison, vice president, IBM Watson IoT (GCG)

Advantech has always been committed to upholding the spirit of “partnering for smart city and IoT solutions”. The latest cooperation between Advantech and Intel®, Microsoft, ARM and IBM showcases Advantech’s strategic partnership on the development of the IoT. The collaboration will accelerate deployment of the IoT and complete the process of device to cloud IoT solutions.

More than 200 partners from over 20 countries are expected to participate in the Embedded IoT Partner Summit. Three days of insight sharing, innovative technology and solution displays, factory visits and other activities will provide Advantech’s worldwide partners with valuable knowledge and inspiration that will help create more innovative, intelligent applications and services to build a smarter planet.

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