Sierra Wireless announces the availability of the FX30, a small, programmable and rugged IoT gateway

Sierra Wireless FX30

Sierra Wireless, a provider of fully integrated end-to-end solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, announced the availability of the FX30, the industry’s smallest, most flexible and rugged programmable cellular gateway.

It provides a pre-certified, integrated embedded platform to connect any machine to any IoT application or cloud, enabling fast, scalable and global deployment of IoT solutions.

The Internet of Things is transforming organisations across all industries worldwide, enabling enhanced productivity and customer service. However, connecting many “things” can be complex, expensive and time consuming.

The FX30 solves this, providing Legato® open source Linux-based programmability and 2G, 3G and LTE connectivity to manage any type of machine, including industrial equipment, infrastructure, building automation systems, laboratory and medical equipment, automation systems, construction equipment, commercial appliances, and portable and renewable energy systems. Entire fleets of FX30s can be monitored, managed and controlled remotely through Sierra Wireless’ AirVantage® Cloud Services.

“The FX30 provides a flexible, secure platform to connect machines to the Internet of Things, enabling companies to offer new, value-added services for their customers,” said Jason Krause, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Solutions for Sierra Wireless. “For example, equipment manufacturers can quickly add IoT connectivity to any solution and deploy custom applications to monitor machine performance at the edge, sending data and alerts to any remote service application.”

About the FX30 programmable IoT gateway

The FX30 builds on the success of Sierra Wireless’ Fastrack Xtend, integrating the Legato open source Linux platform into a small, rugged gateway with flexible hardware interface options to simplify IoT solution development. Legato offers a secure application framework, maintained Linux distribution and feature-rich development environment. Legato’s robust APIs enable users to easily connect to any cloud or network, and allow developers to focus on building value-add IoT applications.

Linkwave has been providing communications solutions based on Sierra Wireless programmable modems for more than 15 years for diverse applications including vehicle asset management, vending and security,” said Andrew Newton, managing director, Linkwave Wireless Connectivity. “We’re excited about the new FX30 and believe that it will be a truly unique offering in the market, providing a critical building block for customers developing IoT solutions.”

The FX30 is ideally suited for both regional and global deployments providing 2G, 3G and 4G options, global banding combinations, and numerous certifications, all in the same small, rugged industrial form factor. The FX30 also supports Sierra Wireless’ multi-operator Smart SIM that delivers best-in-class coverage and superior data service quality. Future releases will also support the GSMA eUICC specification for remote provisioning, allowing subscriptions to be remotely updated over-the-air.

Offering unparalleled flexibility for many different applications, the FX30 is available in both Ethernet and Serial variants, and supports an IoT Connector to enable hardware extensions to interface with an unlimited range of sensors, and wired and wireless networks. It offers best-in-class low power consumption, consuming less than 1W in idle mode and 2mW in ultra-low power mode, making it ideal for solar and battery-powered applications. Security features include support for the Lightweight M2M protocol and pre-shared key encryption.

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