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The Internet of Things: Why location matters

The Internet of Things: Why location matters

Posted by IoT Now MagazineFebruary 13, 2017

Moving to an ever more connected world.

The digital transformation of people’s lives, both at work and outside of work, has become a relentless force. Network connectivity is both extending its geographic reach and multiplying as the number of networks available in any given place continues to grow. The computational power of devices continues to increase, cloud computing has become more cost effective and devices themselves get smaller and smaller. Advances in sensor technology are turning everyday objects into sources of data.

The combination of these trends has led us to a new place. It is now possible for a network of physical objects (vehicles, buildings, infrastructure, equipment of all shapes and types) to collect and exchange data and to work together. This enables devices, sensors and systems to operate autonomously in pursuit of goals and objectives set by the human architects of the system.

This has become known as The Internet of Things (IoT) & will drive radical change in the telecommunications industry.

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