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Accelerating deployment in the Internet of Things

Accelerating deployment in the Internet of Things

Posted by IoT Now MagazineApril 25, 2017

If 2016 was the year that the Internet of Things broke into mainstream consciousness, 2017 will be the one where it starts to prove its worth. While consumers are being wowed by virtual assistants that turn on the lights, those in enterprise are discovering how to demonstrate real value to their business.

The initial hype has been overcome, the technology and connectivity is here and sensors are bringing in data that is robust. Now this foundation stage is complete, attention can turn to the more exciting task of rapid experimentation and eventual widespread adoption. Many companies have completed proof of concept ideas and tinkered with small scale tests. But to be truly useful, these projects must mature quickly. It is this challenge that organizations must address as the need to scale rises in prominence.

Download this new paper from Gemalto, which was developed to assist those thinking about how the Internet of Things can aid their organisations. It outlines the opportunity that the new levels of connectivity bring, and helps demonstrate how organisations can quickly deploy reliable connected devices without the need for in house design expertise.

Neil Bosworth, UK manager, Gemalto M2M

Gemalto: M2M Modules and Terminals

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