Life Lessons: Nitin Karmarkar, SVP at Globetouch

Nitin Karmarkar, SVP at Globetouch

Nitin Karmarkar, SVP at Globetouch, says that empowering your team, even to the point of making yourself redundant, results in your own personal growth.

  1. As a child what job did you want to have when you grew up?

I wanted to become an architect. The idea of exploring creatively to design and build something appealed to me immensely.

2. If you had one business lesson to share with your younger self what would it be?

As a leader, you have to learn not only how to delegate, but how to effectively delegate. It is extremely important to empower your team, to give them responsibilities to execute and deliver. Let them fail, guide them to learn and nurture their way to success. Teach them to always do the right thing – no matter the circumstance. This way, the next leaders will emerge from your team.

It may seem counter intuitive, but empowering your team, even to the point of making yourself redundant, actually results in your own personal growth and affirms your position as a responsible leader.

3. Which IoT use case has recently fired your imagination?

The world is hurtling down a new road where objects – or ‘things’ – communicate with each other. From cars interacting with each other to refrigerators re-stocking themselves, new concepts are being developed and cultivated every day.

What blows my mind is the potential application of IoT in healthcare and where it will lead us. Bodily organs will become ‘things’ communicating with other organs about their health and well-being, and will self-administer medication. In the future, IoT could utilise machine learning in order to self-regulate and cure ailments. The possibilities are endless, and I wonder even if the proverbial sky is the limit.

4. What lessons have you learned from doing business in other countries or organisations?

As an immigrant, I have lived and worked in half a dozen countries and travelled to many more. It has been a privilege to learn about different cultures, talents, thought processes, strengths, weaknesses and peculiarities throughout my travels. There are a few things that I find over and over again wherever I go.

For example, it strikes me how fundamentally similar people are in spite of ethnic and cultural differences, and how talent of all types is universally appreciated and respected. No matter who you are or where you come from, hard work, sincere effort and dedication is the key to achieving your goals. Our resilience as human beings is a priceless and immeasurable quality which I have seen in successful people across the globe.

These findings have taught me to always respect everything and everyone. Never second guess even the unseemly and the ungainly because motivation, drive, effort and a desire to achieve a goal drives people to do great things irrespective of who they are, where they are and what circumstances they face.

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