Ivo Rook quits Vodafone’s IoT business and Erik Brenneis returns as temporary cover

Ivo Rook has left Vodafone Group for another role in IoT

In a move that has surprised some in the industry, Vodafone has confirmed the departure of Ivo Rook, until yesterday Vodafone Group‘s director for the Internet of Things. He took on the role less than a year ago.

A Vodafone Group spokesman told IoT Now that Erik Brenneis “will step in to look after IoT. Ivo has another IoT-based position so it was felt appropriate that he leave immediately.” There is, as yet, no confirmation of Rook’s new position and he has still to respond to our contact.

Vodafone Group’s Erik Brenneis

Before joining Vodafone in 2009, Brenneis was vice president of Sales at Landis & Gyr from 2002 to 2005 at which time he left to assume the same role at Siemens where he stayed until June 2008. He was then CSO at Cinterion until October 2009. Erik is also a former member of IoT Now’s Editorial Advisory Board.

As we reported last June, Brenneis was promoted to replace Jan Geldmacher as CEO of Vodafone Global Enterprises.

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