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Hitachi Construction Machinery adopts PTC’s cloud-based service parts inventory solution

Hitachi Construction Machinery adopts PTC’s cloud-based service parts inventory solution

Posted by Zenobia HegdeJuly 11, 2017

PTC reported that Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has adopted PTC Service Parts Management (SPM) SaaS to optimise its global service parts inventory.

SPM SaaS from PTC is an integral solution in the Servigistics® service lifecycle management (SLM) offering and provides world-class service parts inventory optimisation. The solution is available on PTC’s flexible and scalable cloud platform, accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Hitachi Construction Machinery is a construction machinery OEM that manufactures, sells, rents, and services construction and material transportation machinery and products for the sustainable environment. It manages more than 400 supply chain locations and delivers hundreds of thousands of service parts to customers in more than 170 countries/regions in a timely manner.

As part of its current business transformation initiatives, Hitachi Construction Machinery is implementing systems, including SPM SaaS from PTC, that realise its ideal technology profile in 2020.

In 2015, Hitachi Construction Machinery implemented Service Information Viewer from PTC, part of the Servigistics solution, which allows users to immediately access appropriate and necessary information from service documents, including service manuals. As a result, the efficiency of diagnosing failures in the field has significantly improved.

With SPM SaaS, Hitachi Construction Machinery aims to further improve customer satisfaction and increase sales/inventory optimisation by utilising advanced functionalities, such as Multi-Echelon Optimisation that optimises supply chains with a multi-level structure, and Connected Replenishment that automatically integrates lower-level inventory locations and immediately updates order plans for higher-level locations. Hitachi Construction Machinery also plans to leverage IoT technology in the future.

Hitachi Construction Machinery has begun production use of SPM in Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, and UAE and plans to expand its use of SPM to more locations in the future.

“Hitachi Construction Machinery is currently working on enhancing the whole value chain by leveraging parts service. SPM SaaS from PTC will support customers and partners across the globe as a system, which provides required parts and services in a timely manner,” said Takashi Takeda, general manager, spare parts division, Hitachi Construction Machinery.

“Together with PTC, our project team members were able to implement an important system to support our customers and partners around the world in just 11 months. We look forward to continuing to work closely with PTC in the future.”

“Better managing its parts inventory is a strategic means toward achieving service excellence and, ultimately, improving the customer experience,” said Steven Caldwell, vice president, product management, SLM segment, PTC. “Addressing this complexity requires a modern, scalable SPM system that can aggregate information from across the enterprise. PTC is honored to support Hitachi’s business goals.”

Hitachi Systems Ltd. is a long-time PTC partner, delivering solutions that leverage the PTC portfolio. Hitachi Systems provides a wide range of customer implementation services, including understanding business processes through a set of customer interviews, managing and responding to post-implementation inquiries, and reporting cloud resource utilisation.

Hitachi Systems supported Hitachi Construction Machinery’s implementation of SPM SaaS from PTC and will continue its support during the post-implementation phase to ensure smooth operation of the system.

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