Life Lessons: Achilles Rupf, CEO of Naka Mobile

Achilles Rupf, CEO of Naka Mobile

Achilles Rupf, CEO of Naka Mobile, says that if you have self believe and willing to learn from your mistakes, nothing will stop you.

  1. What job did you want when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a pilot! Being in charge of my company isn’t too bad either though.

2. If you had one business lesson to share with your younger self what would it be?

Believe in yourself and never give up. Sometimes it can feel like you’re never getting to where you want to go, however the experience of getting to where I am now is the fun part! It has been a learning experience the whole time, if you have self believe and are willing to learn from your mistakes, nothing will stop you.

3. Which Internet of Things (IoT) use case has recently fired your imagination?

There are many incredible aspects of IoT, from vehicle tracking and fleet management to the fruition of connected homes, it feels like there is truly infinite possibilities within the world of IoT. This can be seen with the agricultural uses of IoT and how you can look after your stock using this technology, for example, the tracking of cows knowing where they are, not losing them because they are crossing borders, getting sensitive data automatically, such as knowing through special sensors when a cow is giving birth to a calf and allowing therefore to help in time and therefore not losing calves, it’s fascinating.

4. What lessons have you learned from doing business in other countries or organisations?

Locals. Employing local workers can be key to a company’s success, like a football team, every employee needs to be driven to want to do their best for the company. I tend to believe a good balance is needed, however locals working for their local company seem to drive success in my experience.

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