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How to deliver scale for IoT connectivity

How to deliver scale for IoT connectivity

Posted by IoT Now MagazineJuly 24, 2017

Solving the growth challenge for smart, connected devices

The predictions of there being many millions, if not billions, of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020 are soon to be put to the test.

In little more than two years, we’ll know just how accurate the analysts and researchers were but, regardless of how many millions of endpoints are connected, it’s clear that there will be growth in the number of connections to an order of magnitude never seen before.

Even measured predictions, such as Beecham Research’s estimate that the number of endpoints will grow 20-fold in the 2016 to 2022 period, demonstrate a vast increase in scale.

Organisations therefore need to carefully assess the scalability of their connectivity, their processing power, their resources and their budget. All these will need to move in harmony in order to be at the right scale when needed, without wasting money on under-utilised capabilities and capacity.


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