MapR unveils DataOps-driven approach to data governance across on-premises, cloud and edge deployments

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the Converged Data Platform that integrates analytics with operational applications in real time, unveiled a DataOps-driven breakthrough approach to governance in the age of big data.

Addressing shortcomings found in traditional approaches, companies can now leverage platform-level capabilities for compliance-ready data lineage and the management of metadata at scale. MapR also announced today expanded key partnerships and a comprehensive Data Governance Quick Start Solution (QSS), aimed at removing any guesswork required to achieve a fully secure and governed cluster.

“Our customers and our external security auditors require that we retain an authoritative record of all data being ingested into and processed by our ALLOY™ Platform for Healthcare,” said Hmong Vang, chief trust officer, Liaison Technologies. “We built and maintain the ALLOY Platform to meet the highest standards of data compliance on behalf of users.

In today’s era of Big Data, traditional approaches to addressing data lineage requirements simply cannot meet our customers’ compliance needs. Liaison Technologies leverages MapR Event Streams (MapR-ES) extensively as the foundation of our compliance-ready lineage solution, as it allows us to keep an immutable log of all transactions.”

Modern data platforms spanning IoT, edge, on-premises and multiple clouds require a fundamentally new approach to data governance. Legacy governance approaches designed and created for data warehouse implementations are based on assumptions that are limiting.

Organisations no longer have the luxury of time, administrator availability, or the ability to manage silos that create their own scalability, availability, and reliability concerns. Converged architectures, where data of all types are integrated into and managed within one single platform, allow for governance under dramatically simpler terms.

MapR now provides a DataOps-driven breakthrough approach to lineage, leveraging a robust, scalable mechanism to replay data ingestion from any point and rebuild derivative databases. Companies can construct data lineage, which is helpful to organisations in heavily regulated industries such as government, healthcare, and financial services.

MapR Converged Data Platform capabilities also enable customers to “go back in time” and re-run machine learning experiments on the exact same data sets, ensuring repeatable results. Additionally, MapR offers metadata management at scale. MapR-DB and native JSON documents can store and query metadata (such as data sources, transformations, stewardship, etc.) in a highly scalable and efficient manner.

“There are clear advantages that a converged architecture brings to governance. Still, the prospect of governing one’s entire data platform can seem daunting,” said Anoop Dawar, vice president, product marketing, MapR Technologies. “With today’s announcement, MapR doubles down on our commitment to data governance by helping customers ensure they are getting the most value out of all their data.”

Expansion of key data governance partnerships

MapR continues to work closely with companies with expertise across different enterprise systems, offering improved visibility and data governance beyond the borders of big data. The company announced expanded key partnerships in data governance including Cask, Collibra, and Waterline. Additionally, MapR recently released an integrated GDPR data lake solution with Talend.

“Reflecting the importance of complementing its own data governance capabilities through integration with best-of-breed partner solutions, the MapR Converged Data Platform is well positioned to solve for today’s governance challenges across the enterprise,” said Nitin Motgi, co-founder and CTO, Cask.

“Adopted by enterprises as a unified platform for data and application management, operations and governance, Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) drives rapid time to value from big data for our joint customers, providing Hadoop-native, application-level metadata management, as well as comprehensive lineage and auditability to meet data quality and compliance needs.”

“We’re pleased to see MapR extend their leading big data platform with core governance capabilities,” said Stan Christiaens, c​o-founder and CTO, Collibra. “The combination of Collibra’s robust business-facing Catalog and data governance platform with the highly reliable MapR big data platform will further empower organisations to gain access to the trusted ​data they need for more insightful analytics and to fully leverage their big data investments.”

“We look forward to working with MapR to integrate Waterline Data more deeply with MapR DG capabilities,” said Kaycee Lai, president and COO, Waterline Data. “The combination of Waterline Data Catalog with MapR DG will allow joint customers to automatically discover and tag sensitive data and then automatically manage access control to that sensitive information.”

New Data Governance Quick Start Solution

For organisations interested in implementing a fully governed system within weeks the new Data Governance Quick Start Solution leverages the MapR Converged Data Platform and supports governance capabilities for availability, reliability, protection, and security of files, database tables, and streams. These data governance capabilities are integrated into the MapR data fabric and, as a result, do not compromise speed, scale, or reliability.

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