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Intercede and MobileIron partner on solution to secure and protect Government employees and data

Intercede and MobileIron partner on solution to secure and protect Government employees and data

Posted by Zenobia HegdeAugust 10, 2017

Digital identity and mobile credentials provider Intercede announced an integration with MobileIron, the security backbone for the multi-cloud enterprise, on a new derived credentials solution to secure and protect U.S. Federal Government employees and their data.

In light of recent, stringent regulation such as Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), FIPS 201-2 and NIST SP 800-157, highly regulated industries such as Federal Government are required to look at implementing stronger authentication methods to ensure that employees can work remotely or via mobile devices, without risking loss of data to breaches and cyber attack. Current enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions require security protocols that are therefore compliant, cost-effective and easy to use.

The new solution will integrate MobileIron’s AppConnect technology, a critical component of its EMM platform, into Intercede’s existing MyID Identity Agent. MobileIron’s EMM platform enables businesses to secure corporate data, drive employee productivity and enable business innovation, while meeting user demands and IT security requirements.

By partnering with Intercede on a derived credentials solution for secure mobility, MobileIron is advancing its platform for use in Federal Government for today’s more stringent regulations for data protection, strong authentication and mobile working.

Intercede’s MyID enables enterprises to replace employee passwords with more secure and convenient digital identities. This solution then manages the lifecycle of credentials, for example revoking them if a user leaves an organisation or updating them in advance of the credentials expiring. All credential issuance and lifecycle events are recorded within MyID, providing full visibility and audit capabilities.

Used in combination with a MyID server, the MyID Identity Agent complies with US Government FIPS 201-2 / SP 800-157 standards, enabling derived credentials to be issued to a MobileIron protected device for securing apps, access to services and sensitive data. It removes the need for insecure passwords, instead using authentication keys generated and kept on the mobile device, ensuring they remain secure and private. The solution is easy to use, cost-effective and provides superior levels of security for all customers and users.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with MobileIron on security solutions for Federal government agencies, ” commented Richard Parris, CEO of Intercede. “MobileIron and Intercede both recognise the importance of derived credentials for more robust, cost-effective authentication. As regulation tightens the belt of today’s ill-fitting security methods, this partnership demonstrates that organisations can remain compliant, without negatively impacting users or budgets.”

“Today’s employees – regardless of sector – want to use the tools they prefer in order to get their jobs done. This often means working remotely or using mobile devices to go about the day-to-day,” said Jeffrey Ait, ‎VP Public Sector, MobileIron.

“In light of this, organisations need to reassess how they are currently protecting mobile devices. Our partnership with Intercede lets Federal Government employees enjoy the benefits of mobile and remote working while IT is confident because their mobility program is built on government-grade security.”

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