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Connecting the industrial market: is there an app for that?

Connecting the industrial market: is there an app for that?

Posted by IoT Now MagazineSeptember 14, 2017

Industrial markets are increasingly becoming the target of IoT services. Equipment that is connected and monitored in real time helps production engineers avoid costly downtime. Analytics applied to this same equipment can be disseminated across the operations to not only detect signs of a failure event but plan service to maintain and/or replace without affecting operations. This same set of analytics can be used to create new products based on actual usage.

But industrial companies have been generally slow to adopt many new IoT technologies and services for a variety of reasons. One reason for reluctance has been the perceived security risks that arise when products are connected. Another reason is the complexity of choice across suppliers and technologies. Yet another is lack of internal resources to build or support IoT applications.The supplier community has responded in multiple ways to these challenges, including development of IoT marketplaces and free trial offers. But another way that suppliers are responding is with ready-to-use apps targeting not only specific industrial markets, but also specific functional segments or roles within an organization. But an app is only the beginning of the journey to creating smart, connected operations, products, and solutions.

This white paper will provide insight on the primary industrial market segments seeking IoT solutions today. It will offer an overview of the technologies that are overcoming traditional industrial hurdles to IoT adoption as well as accelerating value. It will highlight the value of pre-built apps for industrial organizations, and conclude with an assessment of key capabilities for organizations to seek to create a long-term, sustainable, and cross-functional IoT operational capability.

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