Transatel and VAIO Corporation delivering new LTE network experience in Japan

New VAIO® S11 and VAIO® S13 laptops will be delivered in Japan equipped with Windows 10 and a ready-to-go LTE cellular data SIM card. Transatel is the service provider of the new cellular capability, with prepaid data plans developed specifically for VAIO laptop end-users.

Each VAIO laptop will be equipped with a pre-loaded trial 1GB SIM card to be used in any of the 130+ destinations covered by Transatel. This experience should help end-users discover the global service, cellular data, offered for top-up via the new Microsoft Windows Store interface.

The end-users will benefit from attractively-priced data plans, both in Japan, with 4 local bundles ranging from 500 MB to 10 GB, and outside Japan, with 6 regional bundles (Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, Caribbean, and Africa.).

For connectivity in Japan, Japanese MVNO Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) takes the role of telecommunication provider, in close partnership with Transatel.

Jacques Bonifay

Jacques Bonifay, Transatel CEO: “The laptop and tablet manufacturers’ business model is about to change, opening a world of opportunity. As cellular networks are gradually replacing Wi-Fi as the end-users’ preferred choice for connectivity, extra revenue can be generated for manufacturers through data usage and revenue share.

VAIO Corporation rightly measures the potential positive impact on margins in a mature manufacturing market. They also recognise the importance of giving their customers the greatest possible choice in connectivity options. We’re grateful for the privilege of launching the first cellular data plans within Windows 10 with VAIO Corporation.”

Kaoru Hayashi, senior general manager PC Business Division of VAIO Corporation: “We’re proud to be delivering a new LTE network experience to connect-and to manage a data budget easily??? when no Wi-Fi is available. Thus, our laptop can be truly mobile. Also, one must not forget that cellular networks offer far more security against data hacking and theft, which is priceless in a business context.”

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