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eUICC: Accelerating the IoT opportunity for OEMs

eUICC: Accelerating the IoT opportunity for OEMs

Posted by IoT Now MagazineDecember 20, 2017

For product manufacturers (OEMs), there has never been a greater need or opportunity to connect their products to the Internet.

As Figure 1 shows, a product that is not connected stands or falls by the product offering itself. That offering cannot generate data for new services or be updated with new software features, so will quickly lose its competitive position in the market compared with others that are connected and can do these things. More than this, an unconnected product cannot be remotely maintained either and its performance in the field cannot be checked. The total value of an unconnected product resides in the product itself, whereas the total value of a connected product includes both the product and all the services created by it being connected

It is worth noting that the term eUICC does not mean quite the same thing as the term eSIM. The eUICC is a SIM that is capable of being remotely provisioned and, as noted above, comes in a range of form factors. eSIM in fact refers to the whole solution of providing a remotely provisioned SIM, including the hardware, software and subscription management system needed to deploy it. It is also the case that the technology for remotely provisioning a SIM has been commercially available for a few years, but initially in proprietary solutions. In response to the growing potential for this technology the GSMA (GSM Association), which represents the majority of mobile operators worldwide, has now created and continues to develop an eSIM specification for remote SIM provisioning that represents the industry’s best approach for creating a standard.


  • Insurance – for devices that are in the field for many years
  • Single SKU – for devices that may be shipped anywhere in the world
  • High Availability – for mobile applications that need to have optimal connection at all times




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