France’s NodOn to show range of smart devices for homes at CES 2018 and introduce Bluetooth Mesh

With major partners from the building sector, NodOn® is growing fast with two complete range of smart devices using the well-known technologies Z-Wave® and EnOcean®. This year at CES the company will talk about its innovation spirit and will present the first complete range of Bluetooth® Mesh devices for smart home.

With wireless and interoperable smart home and building devices, NodOn® is a major actor of the smart home industry in Europe and is working with major companies of the building sector. NodOn® will be the first to make Bluetooth® Mesh complete range of products come alive for smart home and building.

A range of products for professionals to cover all uses of smart home

Real actor of the smart home & building industry, NodOn® designs sensors, actuators and controllers: smart plugs, wall switches, remotes, relay switches (lights, heating, home access), temperature and motion sensors, etc. NodOn® products are using Z-Wave® and EnOcean®, the most well-known technologies of the smart home sector, and are compatible with most of the home automation gateways of the market.

NodOn® products are designed for professionals and can be set up for new homes and buildings or to retrofit any interior. “Our products are created to keep the home flexible and to make it evolve over the years. It fits the home perfectly to ensure comfort and energy savings to the user.” says Thomas GAUTHIER, CEO of NodOn®.

The startup has quickly made its reputation on the market thanks to a complete offer combining technical performance, responsiveness and a good customer service as well as real expertise in smart home. In 2018 more than 10 000 flats in France will be equipped with NodOn® products. Meet NodOn® at CES to know more about its references.

Bluetooth® Mesh devices: a world premiere by NodOn®

What if smart home sensors or actuators could be set up and controlled without any hub? What if the user didn’t needed anything more than its smartphone? Well, this idea is now coming up to life thanks to NodOn®, who have entered in exclusivity the Bluetooth® Smart Mesh program and Bluetooth® SIG consortium to make it real. Compatibility will no more be an issue.

NodOn® plugs, wall switches, sensors, relay switches and more will be secured products, easy to set up through a smartphone App and with low energy consumption. Those first Bluetooth® Mesh plug and play products are to discover at our booth.

New NodOn® Z-Wave S2 security door/window opening sensor

Combining S2 security layer, as secured as Apple® HomeKit, and soon UL-634 certified, this brand new Z-Wave® S2 security door/window sensor will protect home, valuables and loved ones with a number one concern: security.

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