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IoT Now listed in world’s Top 20 Industrial IoT blogs by ORBCOMM

IoT Now listed in world’s Top 20 Industrial IoT blogs by ORBCOMM

Posted by Jeremy CowanFebruary 12, 2018

IoT Now has been listed today in ORBCOMM‘s Top 20 Industrial IoT Blogs. As Internet of Things (IoT) technology continues to evolve and new innovations are born, there are innumerable bloggers reporting on the latest trends in the industrial IoT landscape.

There are far too many good IoT resources to list, says ORBCOMM, so its executives have compiled a list for their internal teams and their partners of 20 “must-bookmark sites” for anyone trying to stay up to speed on the latest developments in industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Describing IoT Now, ORBCOMM says, “If you’re interested in learning about what the future of IoT looks like, IoT Now is a great place to go. Yes, it focuses on current innovations and modern-day trends in the IoT landscape, but it provides a window with a clearer view of what the future looks like by examining how we utilise these technologies today. Expect a wide variety of topics, covering everything from microservices to AI and product trends,” says ORBCOMM. (

Articles have been chosen for their “insightful and up-to-date news regarding the IoT Industry”. ORBCOMM adds that readers “would be interested in seeing what other blogs made the cut,” and it helps to build the overall Industrial IoT community.

The 20 blogs are all valued equally, an ORBCOMM spokesman tells IoT Now. “All (are) even in our eyes. We wanted to list the top blogs/news sources that we read to keep ourselves updated with the industry and share them with our customers. The ones listed are all read equally and we felt they all deserved a spot on our customers’ reading list.”

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