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nonda partnership with CarBlock enables users to earn rewards through sharing vehicle data

nonda partnership with CarBlock enables users to earn rewards through sharing vehicle data

Posted by Zenobia HegdeApril 18, 2018

CarBlock, the blockchain-based transportation solution built on data generated by smart devices, is thrilled to announce their partnership with nonda. This new partnership reflects CarBlock’s commitment to empowering drivers to use their data and ultimately earn rewards for providing said data to companies in need.

nonda is already a leading smart device company and provides a fleet of devices that allow any car to become a connected car, regardless of its make or model. The ZUS Connected Car System, includes a Smart Car Charger, Smart Tire Safety Monitor, Smart Vehicle Health Monitor, Wireless Smart Backup Camera, Car Key Finder and Universal HD Audio Adapter. Each device is powered by the ZUS Smart Driving Assistant App (iOS/Android) and can be purchased through retailers like WalMart and Best Buy, or at various online retailers.

Julie Wang

“We view this partnership as the next step in bringing nonda’s mission to life,” said Ivan Chong, general manager, nonda. “We started out committed to bringing luxury features into vehicles, no matter the make or model, and now we can also provide our driving community with the ability to share the data that they create each time they drive. This is an exciting time in the automotive and technology arenas and we are excited to have a partner like CarBlock who continues to push boundaries and drive technology forward.”

CarBlock is a decentralised blockchain platform and ecosystem that serves the entire automotive and transportation industry. While the internet has enabled the flow of information, CarBlock will do the same for data and assets. This increased access to data will enable businesses to make better decisions and stimulate a more efficient operation for them on CarBlock, while attracting individuals, teams, universities and research institutions to join the ecosystem and eventually change the entire automotive and transportation industry.

“CarBlock recognises the value in great partners,” Julie Wang, chief evangelist, CarBlock. “We are excited to work with a partner like nonda. They already have hundreds of thousands of committed users and we look forward to providing them even more value in the very near future. We expect to announce a formal reward plan for current nonda users in the coming weeks.”

CarBlock and nonda will continue to explore the many opportunities that this partnership enables and will be able to build and expand together as the CarBlock Partner Family grows over time.

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