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NetFoundry and AWS IoT Analytics: Innovation without compromising security

NetFoundry and AWS IoT Analytics: Innovation without compromising security

Posted by Zenobia HegdeApril 26, 2018

NetFoundry™, the Application-Specific Networking, announces its role as a global launch partner to Amazon Web Services’ new AWS IoT Analytics platform, released today at Hannover Messe. NetFoundry enables AWS IoT Analytics customers to securely and reliably connect to AWS using any Internet connection.

NetFoundry uniquely protects the IoT site and devices, blocking Internet-originated attacks such as botnets and DDoS, in addition to encrypting and securing the data between the IoT edge and AWS edge. NetFoundry’s software and APIs enable new customers to spin up their own IoT networks in minutes.

“Zero trust and least privilege access in a world that is increasingly moving towards dynamically changing containerized services is pivotal, which is yet again where NetFoundry scores with its capability to integrate with automation frameworks via its APIs”, said Martin Braem, COO of Klarrio, “whereas we used to be forced to try to force-fit VPNs into the IoT paradigm, now we have a software-based solution which was purpose-built for IoT networking needs”.

Martin Braem

AWS IoT Analytics enables customers to process, store, and analyse their IoT data without having to deal with the costs and complexity of trying to build such a robust solution. At Hannover Messe, AWS demonstrated a ‘Connected Factory’ that produces IoT data and sends that data to AWS IoT Analytics in the cloud, over a NetFoundry software defined private network, protecting the factory from network attacks such as botnets and DDoS, as well as providing secure, reliable connectivity between the factory and the AWS IoT Analytics cloud.

Like AWS, NetFoundry provides its core infrastructure as a fully managed, on-demand service so that customers control the networks without managing the infrastructure itself. Organisations use existing Internet connections as short on-ramps to NetFoundry’s managed global core network, built over the Internet, across multiple tier-one providers.

NetFoundry uses a zero trust, software defined perimeter (SDP) with identity-secured networking to enable IoT customers to securely connect to AWS in minutes, pairing NetFoundry’s network agility with AWS’s IoT Analytics agility, and enabling business policies to dynamically control software defined networks. Customers use the NetFoundry Multi-Cloud Gateway, available in the AWS Marketplace, to securely connect their AWS instances to IoT sites, personal devices or data centres.

Michael Kochanik

Each device or site connected via NetFoundry is secured via bi-directional certificate validation and software firewalls, included as part of NetFoundry’s fully managed service. NetFoundry’s partnerships and API integrations with leading hardware root of trust solutions, IoT platforms and IoT application providers enables customers to get secure, reliable IoT networking built into their solution.

“The capabilities of AWS IoT Analytics in enabling the transformation of vast amounts of data into actionable information, without the high costs and steep learning curve of other IoT platforms, enables NetFoundry’s IoT customers to get the ROI they need,” said Michael Kochanik, head of Global Channels and NetFoundry co-founder, “With AWS IoT Analytics, we can integrate IoT networking capabilities to provide our IoT customers with ‘one-stop shopping’ including data collection, networking, analysis, transformations, storage and visualisation. Partnering with AWS enables our customers to get integrated, end-to-end agility, security, performance and cost efficiency at scale.”

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