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SixPorts integrates and shares data to enable smart city services

SixPorts integrates and shares data to enable smart city services

Posted by Anasia D'melloOctober 23, 2018

As the natural evolution of the smart phone in your pocket engages more with the town or city you live in, life will become more informed at a local level.

Custom app developer, SixPorts in Ashford, Kent is spearheading the development of disruptive technologies with the potential to revolutionise the way people live and work. Smart technology will create a more ubiquitous and engaged lifestyle for people, as technologies integrate deeper and more seamlessly into everyday life.

Innovative technology including revolutionary digital solutions for businesses demonstrates the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. Sentiment analysis and Machine Learning, along with the growing significance of big data, virtual reality, facial recognition and augmented reality is growing the development of disruptive technologies.

Ross Murphy, CEO of PageSuite and SixPorts, says: “Smart City technology and digital towns can offer in its most fundamental form a collection of centres feeding data – such as when the next bus is coming, object recognition to monitor traffic flow, and sensors to monitor air quality. We can collect all this data and build reports based on this information. We’ve got the skills and the capabilities to put that in place.”

This technology will use algorithms to allow individuals and businesses to take old, unresponsive data and make it into something useful by using text, video and images to create predictive analytics and reports.

With enough information, variables can be added to the data which allows users to monitor a number of potential different outcomes. This might be as simple as predicting when you will next run out of milk, to something as complex as recognising facial expressions in a business conference and analysing its success.

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