Nubeva and Garland Technology launch partnership to deliver public cloud network packets to IT teams and tools

Randy Chou of Nubeva

Nubeva Technologies Ltd, a cloud visibility SaaS software developer for enterprises with public cloud assets, announced a partnership agreement with Garland Technology, a manufacturer of network test access points and packet broker solutions. Together, the two companies will provide a solution for businesses migrating applications to hybrid cloud environments that require access, visibility and control of packet traffic in the cloud.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Nubeva,” said Chris Bihary, CEO and co-founder, Garland Technology. “Prisms is an easy, affordable solution to get public cloud network packets to customers’ tools. Our customers now have an industry-leading solution for seeing every bit, byte, and packet from the public cloud sent to both in-cloud tools and Garland’s on-premises Network TAP and packet brokers – extending visibility in hybrid environments for today and tomorrow’s security and monitoring needs.”

Nubeva Prisms, a next-generation agent that acquires, processes and distributes cloud packet traffic, will send information to Garland’s high-performance network taps. The solution provides network visibility to information technology teams for both on-premise and cloud workloads.

Gus Stein

“CIOs, IT network and security leaders and teams responsible for business IT systems remain concerned about migrating applications and processes to the cloud if it means losing security and compliance,” said Randy Chou, Nubeva’s CEO.

“Our solution with Garland is a tremendous opportunity to increase our market scope as we help companies maximise cloud use and provide IT teams and tools with the access to packet data needed to meet business requirements.”

Garland Technology, co-founded by industry veterans Bihary and Jerry Dillard, CTO, who invented the first Bypass TAP, is an industry leader in providing network access products that offer full packet visibility for complex data center environments. Garland will introduce the joint solution to its 3,000 existing customers and new customers as they migrate apps and resources to the cloud.

The Nubeva and Garland solution

The Nubeva and Garland solution delivers packet traffic when there is no longer physical access to applications in cloud environments, including:

  • Public Cloud (AWS and Microsoft Azure) – applications in the public cloud are accessed using taps and packet brokers to enable security with monitoring tools.
  • Hybrid Cloud – Nubeva helps businesses move and test hybrid cloud environments to ensure access to packet traffic meets compliance standards.
  • Private Cloud – organisations that create their own SaaS model in the cloud need a data-plane to mirror and send packets to any routable destination.

WireX Systems, a company that automates security investigations and empowers security teams to effectively manage security threats believes the Nubeva – Garland partnership adds value to the public cloud.

“This partnership enables WireX Systems to extend our on-prem solution to support the AWS and Azure cloud networks,” said Gus Stein, global director of Channel Sales at WireX. “Nubeva Prisms send packet level data from the public cloud to Garland’s network packet broker (NPB). The NPB then sends the packets to our security tool, which automates response procedures and helps security professionals resolve incidents quickly and effectively.”

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