Eseye uses floLIVE to expand global IoT connectivity to cut costs, complexity and achieve new growth

Eseye is a global provider of IoT connectivity. Since 2007 it has been serving more than 2,000 companies deploying IoT devices across all industry verticals.

floLIVE has recently supplied Eseye with a virtual connectivity infrastructure in new regions, with complementary management and reporting capabilities via its cloud-based platform, utilising floLIVE’s rich application programme interface (API) suite.

This provides Eseye with an innovative unified connectivity management solution to manage international mobile subscriber identification (IMSI) numbers from numerous operators, increasing Eseye’s global footprint, adhering to privacy regulations and roaming restrictions, improving its troubleshooting capabilities and allowing it to focus on adding value to customers by expanding into customised and personalised service for specific needs.

Eseye needed a solution to accelerate the roll-out of its IMSI localisation offering across multiple territories. The traditional approach was to use multiple mobile network operator (MNO) profiles, each covering a different region. However, this was costly, siloed and time consuming, from onboarding and initial integration, to ongoing support and maintenance. Eseye felt that there must be a better way.

Through its research into potential connectivity partners, Eseye realised that it was looking for a specialist solution that would greatly reduce the number of MNO relations and integrations, and that could be easily customised to support the evolving needs of connected devices. This partnership would free up Eseye to focus on delivering value added services to its global customer base.

Eseye was introduced to floLIVE and reportedly felt an instant connection – not only in terms of a strong organisational and cultural fit, but the company was reassured that the floLIVE team was knowledgeable with many years of experience in the industry.

“We have been particularly impressed with the support provided by the floLIVE team and their responsiveness and personalised service,” said Adam Hayes, the chief operating officer of Eseye. “With floLIVE’s focus on developing their feature-rich platform and extending partnerships with mobile operators, we can see how much both our own company and our customers in turn are going to continue to glean from this relationship.”

The results – floLIVE provides all the control and flexibility Eseye needs on a global scale

A highly developed market offering: floLIVE’s cloud based platform allows Eseye to focus on developing its own core service with unparalleled time to market. One example would be extending IoT integrations with hyperscale cloud providers, enabling Eseye to increase its global footprint exponentially. It also significantly reduces the time to market to bring new localised IMSIs on-line.

Less complexity: It had previously been a full-time operation just to track and manage the multiple MNOs and their disparate upgrade and service schedules, support variables and varying levels of transparency. With the floLIVE platform in place, Eseye has a unified telecoms solution, reducing the number of multiple integrations required and eliminating the previous complexity.

Lower maintenance costs: With everything easily visible and accessible from a single cloud dashboard, Eseye can maintain an extremely high level of service quality, at a reduced monthly cost.

• Revolutionised service: Eseye is now in a stronger position to support its own customers and maintain its devices. Historically, it would have taken a huge amount of resources to track down a problem and then get an answer from a third-party. Now, floLIVE provides one point of contact that enables incident response to be handled in minutes.

About floLIVE

floLIVE provides secure, cloud-native connectivity solutions to service providers, cloud providers and enterprises looking for seamless global coverage. The platform comprises distributed core networks that provide local connectivity while being centrally managed and controlled over the cloud. This unique approach enables manufacturers to benefit from high performance, secure and regulatory-compliant local connectivity with the flexibility and elasticity of a cloud-native platform. floLIVE’s solutions are offered as-a-service in a pay-asyou-grow business model.

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