GrandPad’s users stay connected with Orange Belgium and Ericsson IoT Accelerator

Scott Lien of GrandPad

Ericsson, GrandPad, and Orange Belgium are partnering to make connectivity more accessible for the elderly to stay socially connected with family, friends, and caregivers.

GrandPad creates connected tablets and services for seniors with managed connectivity from the Orange Belgium IoT (Internet of Things) service, powered by the Ericsson IoT Accelerator platform.

The GrandPad tablet is an easy-to-use device that connects seniors with family, friends, and caregivers through simple video calling, voice text and email, and easy photo sharing. GrandPad also provides a connection to the world and supports personal interests with unlimited music, streaming radio, news, games, and more. This functionality is made possible through a built-in LTE service that allows users to connect from anywhere, at any time. These services have been invaluable during physical distancing and COVID-19 restrictions.

“Mobile devices have been a lifesaver during COVID-19, but challenges around WiFi, including its availability and reliability, often prevent older adults from consistently using these technologies. Fortunately, every GrandPad connected tablet comes with built-in LTE service, which removes this barrier,” says Scott Lien, co-founder and CEO of GrandPad. “We’re thrilled to announce this partnership – especially at this critical time – because it gives GrandPad users in the UK and Ireland access to broad network coverage and fast, secure, and reliable 4G LTE.”

Kiva Allgood

Powered by Ericsson IoT Accelerator, Orange Belgium delivers the cellular IoT connectivity management services and SIM cards for GrandPad users in the UK and Ireland, with plans to expand to other European countries. Ericsson IoT Accelerator is an IoT platform that enables cost-efficient, reliable and secure IoT connectivity management and operations for any enterprise of any scale anywhere in the world.

Werner De Laet, chief enterprise, innovation and wholesale officer of Orange Belgium, comments: “As a responsible operator, we are fully committed to supporting relevant usages of technologies that benefit society. The GrandPad initiative is a great example of the kind of use cases we want to promote as, based on our expertise in IoT services and the strength and reliability of our network solutions, it allows people to better connect with their families, their loved ones and to enjoy entertainment or access to information.”

Kiva Allgood, head of IoT, Ericsson, says, “Our technology can help shorten the social and physical distance that the elderly and families are experiencing right now. Together with Orange Belgium and GrandPad, our global IoT platform delivers easy and secure device connectivity to ensure GrandPad users stay connected in this time of change.”

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