IT leaders now look to data management for competitive advantage, says survey

Druva Inc., a specialist in cloud data protection (CDP) and management, announced the results of the 2020 Value of Data Report. The report offers insights from 700 IT decision makers in the US and UK and underpins the importance of maximising the value of data as businesses navigate an unprecedented global event.

As organisational reliance on data continues to rise, the survey uncovers rising concerns about data protection, the growing need to enhance resilience, and the role data agility plays in enabling organisational operations and connecting with customers.

According to the new report commissioned by Druva, which will be discussed further during the keynote session of DxP: Cloud Data Protection Summit 2020, nearly three-quarters of IT decision makers (73%) surveyed rely on data more to make business decisions and 33% believe the value of data has permanently increased since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Other key findings include:

  • COVID-19 is increasing concerns around data protection, with 73% of respondents more concerned now with protecting their organisational data from ransomware than they were before the pandemic.
  • Since the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation plans have accelerated between 1-5 years, according to 68% of respondents.
  • The No.1 role of data for business impact is optimising customer experiences. 70% of respondents are confident in their ability to maximise the value of data. However, 41% say the data they collect is not readily available or accessible when needed for decision making. 
  • Competitive Advantage. 79% see data management and protection as a competitive business advantage.

“The rapid move to remote work has permanently changed the way businesses operate, accelerated digital transformation and increased the value of data as a business asset,” says Jaspreet Singh, founder and CEO of Druva.

“As companies realise that business resilience is data resilience, more and more are turning to Druva to protect and unlock its full value. Tomorrow as we bring together the industry’s most innovative leaders, our goal is for all organisations to realise the promise of the cloud era for their customers and communities.”

As cloud migration and digital transformation accelerate at record pace, Druva total data under management exceeds more than 166PB in total. Additionally, in the last year, over 1,000 data centre customers have turned to Druva’s SaaS-based data protection platform to streamline their data management and compliance for Hyper-V, NAS, Oracle, SQL and VMware, while improving total cost of ownership (TCO) without the need for legacy on-premises hardware.

This expansion has fueled a 90% increase in data volume growth within data centre workloads, echoing the recent survey finding of increased reliance on data and frequency of recovery. Additionally, the company has surpassed 6.2 million daily back-ups, a 25% increase since the company announced it was performing 5 million daily backups in March 2020.

Combined, these figures illustrate Druva’s unmatched category leadership and continued position as the fastest growing cloud-based data protection platform.

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