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CES 2021 – 3drens is a Taiwanese tech startup that builds an intelligent mobility management solution for businesses such as logistics companies, vehicle rental services, ride-hailing services, and food delivery services.

With its IoT technology combining with vehicles, business owners can quickly grasp the capacity and allocation of its overall resources with a visualised map.

Changing mobility AI from Taiwan to the world

Initially focusing on the local market, 3drens has worked one of the largest e-commerce website, which has a daily revenue of $200K (€164351), to integrate the intelligent mobility management technology with its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

In 2019, the startup successfully expanded its business into Southeast Asia, collaborating with a Singaporean bus sharing service, a Singaporean systems integration company, and a Malaysian e-commerce company.

In addition, led by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), 3drens has attended CES twice and connected with multiple business opportunities locally. And it now looks to aim at the Asia market with increasing logistics demands due to the pandemic.

Growing demands of logistics

In response to the surge in the global pandemic’s e-commerce businesses, 3drens’ Vehicle Intelligence Platform has become ever more valuable. It empowers the logistic service providers from a delivery requirement is made to the package is delivered to the end customer.

They can arrange the optimal size vehicle, predict the best delivery route, and even assign new tasks for the drivers on their way back. By using predictive analytics and machine learning to improve the decision-making process, logistics companies can benefit every aspect from safety to productivity.

Aside from business intelligence for the mobility providers, data collected from the vehicles can be further utilised on the consumer end as well. One of 3drens’ early clients is an electric scooter rental company that serves mainly tourists.

The IoT box on the scooter lets the business owner know which scooter might have a traffic accident that requires roadside assistance, which one might experience collision without reporting, or which one is ridden over the plan and need to be charged more.

On the other side, the IoT box data shows tourists’ routes from different customer groups, which tells their preference. With the heat map displaying the visualised demand level of certain areas or spots, the rental company employed this insight to collaborate with local attractions and businesses that created an independent stream of value.

Building the MaaS ecosystem

Striving to be the leader of Mobility-as-a-Service(MaaS) in Asia, 3drens has been strategically cooperating with different functionalities. 3drens has connected with one of the largest automotive companies in Taiwan, an innovative electric motorbike maker with a recent $10m (€8.22m)funding, one of the largest e-commerce website in Taiwan, as well as a brand new ride-hailing service that multiplies.

All of these cases are intended to help build the MaaS ecosystem and create a holistic technology structure to provide an integrated experience for individuals.

For instance, the majority of e-commerce consists of small entities. However, it is tough to build a sophisticated logistics network without paying loads for them. The big entities in the industry, on the other hand, often have problems like unused resources. For this specific problem, 3drens is building the shared mobility platform that would give the smaller e-commerce companies fair competition with big e-commerce services like Amazon and eBay.

A lean team that dreams big

Although it’s not a big team, 3drens has specific goals and moves fast. Oeo, CEO of 3drens, says that “When people think of the Internet of Vehicle, we want them to think of 3drens.”

3drens has worked closely with Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) during its journey of expansion, allowing it to thrive beyond Asia and connect with more international opportunities, investors, and potential collaborators to advance the mobility intelligence field jointly.

With the strong connection in the Taiwanese startup ecosystem, 3drens plans to hire more technical talents and modularised its technology to fit different platforms.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion, Click here.

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