Detectronic’s worldwide expansion supported by Aeris Fusion IoT Network

Global water monitoring equipment provider, Detectronic has selected the Aeris Fusion IoT Network to provide connectivity to support Detectronic’s continued expansion around the world

Detectronic provides IoT (Internet of Things) connected devices that help water companies throughout the world comply with regulatory and environmental requirements. Data is continuously transmitted to the company’s dedicated operations centre, which delivers on-going data screening and analysis for its clients. As such, Detectronic required highly dependable connectivity both in the markets it currently serves as well as markets identified as key expansion targets.

Detectronic selected the Aeris Fusion IoT Network (Fusion), a 5G-ready solution that includes LTE-M, NB-IoT, LTE, and 2G/3G coverage from 600 carriers globally. Fusion provides Detectronic with a dynamic and flexible connectivity solution that ensures that all demands from future networks are met.

The company’s deployments are typically in the field for at least five years, based on standard water industry contracts, so longevity is essential. To ensure future network requirements are met, Detectronic required next-generation cellular connectivity from a provider that is willing and able to assist with device configuration to extend battery life.

Phill Tuxford, technical support manager, Detectronic, comments, “Aeris provides us with reliable, global connectivity for our water monitors, ensuring we have the real-time data we need to deliver exceptional value to our customers and the confidence to replicate our success in new markets. Without hesitation, I can say that we chose Aeris because of their high level of customer support and our confidence in the versatility and reliability of their SIMs.”

George Henricks, IoT solutions consultant, Aeris, comments, “With Aeris global SIMs, Detectronic is well-positioned for long-term global expansion. In addition to Aeris’ own cellular networks, Aeris leverages its agreements with hundreds of carriers worldwide to deliver performance-optimised multi-carrier coverage, so Detectronic’s devices will always have access to the strongest signal, no matter their location or movement.”

Aeris is a global technology partner helping companies unlock the value of IoT. Built from the ground up for IoT and road-tested at scale, Aeris’ offering is based on the broadest technology stack in the industry, spanning connectivity up to vertical solutions.

The Detectronic Group (Detectronic Ltd, Detectronic MEICA and Detectronic GmbH) is a privately owned environmental and engineering contracting group of companies. They work with companies throughout the UK and Germany, helping to prevent flooding, reduce pollution and improve rivers and bathing water.

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