PiP IoT integrates sensors with Yotta asset management software for data-driven decisions

PiP IoT, a New Zealand-based manufacturer of ultra-rugged Internet of Things (IoT) sensing devices for Smart City and infrastructure monitoring applications, has signed a collaborative agreement with Yotta, a UK-based connected asset management software and services provider.

The partnership will enable both companies to offer PiP’s sensing devices and Yotta’s asset management software together as a fully integrated end-to-end solution for smart asset management.

The two companies first worked together in 2018 on a pilot project with Auckland System Management (ASM) to help improve motorway safety in Auckland by detecting when vehicles struck motorway crash barriers. Through working together on the project both PiP and Yotta have recognised strong synergies, offering significant customer benefits, when their capabilities are combined as a comprehensive, pre-integrated and proven system.

Data driven decision-making has the ability to deliver better outcomes for organisations in terms of sustainability, efficiency, operational costs and customer experience. Through the partnership the two companies will refer each other into public sector and infrastructure monitoring opportunities such as highways, streetlights, waste, trees, playgrounds and drainage, and will help each other expand into their respective territories.

“Yotta is a great fit for us because our sensors are engineered for monitoring exactly the kinds of assets that Yotta’s software platform is designed to manage. The data we can generate from our sensors can be leveraged really well through their platform and help deliver much more effective and efficient services for our customers,” says Nigel Sharplin, CTO, PiP IoT. “A seamless integration between our respective capabilities ultimately provides the market with the data insights and toolset to deliver much better outcomes.”

Anique Bravenboer, alliance manager, Yotta adds, “We have a very flexible and open solution that is powered by data and knowledge. Data points are essential to delivering the insights that users need to drive smarter, faster decision-making. PiP’s devices provide the performance, reliability, connectivity and optimisation to collect and consistently feed data into our platform from a diverse range of operating environments.”

“There’s a lot of infrastructure out there which has the potential to be managed and monitored in smarter ways using sensors and data. Organisations around the world are only just beginning to realise the value in smart asset management and this partnership will allow both PiP and Yotta to deliver that value to those organisations.”

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