Cavli to make LPWAN, LTE and 5G modules in India on GCT Semiconductor chipsets

GCT Semiconductor designs and develops
LTE chipset solutions for the 4G LTE, LPWAN,
and 5G wireless comms industry.

Cavli Wireless is partnering in India with GCT Semiconductor, Inc. USA. The partnership aims to kickstart the manufacturing and production of LPWAN, LTE, and 5G modules in India based on GCT Semiconductor chipsets.

India is an emerging hub of Internet of Things (IoT) product development for the global market. An IoT module designed, developed, and manufactured in India is already said by the partners to be welcome news for Cavli’s customer base.

The release of Cavli’s LTE CAT M1/NB1/NB2 C42GM Smart IoT Module based on GCT GDM7243i is described as a key highlight in this partnership. C42GM, the latest addition to Cavli’s C-Series family, comes with an integrated eSIM, GNSS, CAN controller, and BLE4.2.

Furthermore, the C42GM smart IoT module is Sigfox-compatible, making it an attractive option for organisations focusing on hybrid connectivity solutions. A wide variety of LPWAN applications/use cases like trackers, wearables, smart utility meters, and other sensor-based solutions for smart city projects can be seamlessly powered with the eSIM integrated C42GM smart IoT module with global connectivity.

Cavli’s LTE CAT M1/NB1/NB2 C42GM smart IoT module finds applications in

Smart City Solutions

Asset Tracking Solutions

Automotive Solutions

According to Cavli, the ever-growing wireless connectivity industry, now refuelled by the added push for digitisation in the wake of the pandemic, is setting the stage for India to emerge as a global electronic manufacturing hub for developed markets. Cavli says, “This partnership with GCT Semiconductor is positioning Cavli Wireless as a global partner for enterprise IoT projects where the market demands connectivity hardware products with a high level of integration.”

Currently running pilots with customers around the globe, the first IoT module from this partnership – C42GM will start shipping out globally, on a mass production basis from Q1 2021.

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