Aricent the latest to partner with Axeda to offer quicker deployment of M2M solutions

Keith Bartlett Keith Bartlett, Axeda

Axeda Connexion 2013, Boston, MA, USA. May 8, 2013 – Aricent®, a global technology innovation and services company, today announced a new partnership with Axeda, a leading M2M  application platform provider. 

Axeda provides advanced, cloud-based services and software for managing connected products and developing innovative M2M applications. The new partnership has been created to enable quicker M2M application deployments.

By offering consulting, systems integration and application development services, Aricent aims to support the delivery of innovative machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions to help companies build new business models, revenue streams, customer experiences and competitive differentiators. Leveraging the Axeda Machine Cloud®, Aricent will offer transformative solutions that reduce time-to-market, improve asset utilisation, lower costs and increase revenues for telecom operators and enterprises in the connected world.

“Axeda’s cloud-based services are a long-term growth engine for service providers in the M2M market,” said Keith Bartlett (pictured), vice president for business development at Axeda. “The benefits of the Axeda Machine Cloud are threefold: rapid and easy implementation, ability to deliver innovative M2M service, and generate new revenue streams.”

“The current state of the highly complex M2M ecosystem is an essential opportunity for telecom operators and enterprises to further advance this market by developing differentiated service offerings to increase M2M applications and subsequently M2M revenue,” said Alberto Balestrazzi, vice president, Portfolio Management at Aricent. “Our customers are constantly looking at innovative M2M solutions to improve business and operational efficiencies. Aricent’s M2M process frameworks, expertise, and services, combined with Axeda’s M2M platform, will help address customers’ needs by rapidly deploying easy-to-manage, cost-efficient M2M solutions.”

M2M technology poses many communication options for telecom operators and enterprises by enabling real-time data communication to enhance the value between remote machines.

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