GlobalPlatform updates NFC UICC configuration to align with latest GSMA specifications

GlobalPlatform has confirmed that it has extended the scope of its UICC Configuration to incorporate additional requirements from the telecom industry. GlobalPlatform worked closely with the GSMA to integrate new use cases for the deployment and management of contactless services on NFC-enabled devices from the GSMA NFC UICC Test Book.

Gloria Trujillo, SIM Group director, GSMA

First launched in 2008, the UICC Configuration is an implementation guide for deploying GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.3 within the mobile services sector and managing the secure, over-the-air delivery of new services. It outlines the behavior of each and every actor involved within a UICC implementation, how they should be represented, and a summary of their role / responsibilities in a variety of business models. Additionally, the document enables issuers to host third party applications and ensures the technology can support a diverse range of business models in various ecosystems.

Gil Bernabeu, technical director, GlobalPlatform

“It’s crucial that operators and SIM vendors can confirm that their products are aligned with industry specifications so that they can support the functional requirements of contactless services. Interoperability is critical in enabling the mobile ecosystem to scale,” commented Gloria Trujillo, SIM Group director at GSMA.

“Cross-industry partnerships are central to the success of GlobalPlatform’s compliance activity,” added Gil Bernabeu, technical director of GlobalPlatform. “Technology is constantly evolving and consensus is key to the successful delivery of consistent services to end users. The GSMA’s comprehensive vision of the telecom market has enhanced the configuration and we welcome requirements from other bodies and organisations involved in the development, provisioning and management of contactless services to NFC-enabled devices.”

Test suites, tools and laboratories were qualified as part of the GlobalPlatform TestFest process and are available to verify the alignment of UICC products prior to market launch.

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