SECTON vehicle-to-everything hardware add-on solution launched by Autotalks

Hagai Zyss: “Autotalks’ vision is to prevent crashes
and save lives on the way to a world of driverless cars."

Autotalks, a provider in V2X communication chipsets, is launching SECTON, the latest addition to its chipset portfolio.

As with the all the company’s V2X solutions, Autotalks’ new secure, cost-optimised, mass-market ready V2X hardware add-on is architected for autonomous vehicles, is flexible and can smoothly fit all customer architectures. SECTON offers simple integration with any external host CPU. The launch will take place at the Electronica 2016 trade fair in Munich, Germany, on November 8-11, 2016.

SECTON completely handles V2X security computation, thus making it cost-effective and hassle free, allowing application developers to focus on application reliability rather than vulnerability to Cybersecurity attacks.

SECTON integrates an enhanced-range mobility-optimised IEEE802.11p modem, an ultra-low-latency V2X Hardware Security Module (eHSM) and cryptoagile hardware verification engines. SECTON also supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac to enable high-bandwidth external Wi-Fi for supplementary value-added services, like data synchronisation with home and high-speed downloads. In addition, it has worldwide compliance, supporting US, EU and Japan standards.

SECTON, designed by Autotalks and manufactured by STMicroelectronics, meets the most rigid automotive standards. According to the company, SECTON is the only solution in the market that can operate at the high temperature measured in Shark Fin antennas or headliners. Engineering samples which can support autonomous driving applications are available today.

Hagai Zyss, Autotalks’ CEO, said: “Autotalks’ vision is to prevent crashes and save lives on the way to a world of driverless cars. We are doing this by offering OEMs a low-cost safety-grade V2X system for installation in each vehicle. With the launch of the SECTON, I believe we are one step closer to realising this vision.”

The SECTON chipset will be shown at Electronica 2016 in Munich at STMicroelectronics’ booth in Hall A5, Stand 207, between November 8 and 11, 2016.

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