BICS joins IoT trade group to reach enterprise, North American markets

Mikael Schachne of BICS

BICS, an international telecoms enabler, has joined the IoT M2M Council (IMC), the largest community of enterprise users and OEMs that buy IoT solutions, with more than 25,000 members globally, 35% from North America.

BICS portfolio of turnkey global IoT connectivity solutions include a virtualised core network in the cloud and roaming connectivity services for companies looking to integrate connected devices into their business, control and monetise them.

BICS handles 25% of the world’s roaming traffic among network operators, and considers IoT as the fastest-growing part of the roaming landscape. It offers seamless, reliable IoT roaming connectivity around the world for companies in the logistics, healthcare, automotive, insurance, consumer products and telematics sectors, as well as for mobile network and virtual network operators.

“IoT is a key priority for BICS, and we have a comprehensive connectivity offering for MNOs and MVNOs, as well as for enterprises and OEMs deploying thousands and even millions of devices, that need to manage their devices almost like network operators do,” says Mikael Schachne, BICS’s VP for Mobility Solutions who will represent the company on the IMC board, “We deliver seamless cellular coverage for ‘IoT without borders’, which is a key asset for companies in early adopter sectors such as logistics and automotive.

IMC membership shows a truly global demographic, and we are confident that our solutions will address the objectives of the companies in these markets seeking to launch connected devices and services.”

BICS acquired Telesign in Q4 2017, primarily to extend its offerings for “Connectivity Platform as a Service” (CPaaS). “The acquisition has given us access to 500 top digital clients, and we believe it will enable us to help it to bridge the divide between telco and enterprise needs.”

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